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Making of Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Full Documentary)

Making of Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Full Documentary)

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  • UnifiedQuantumField

    Why are there so many recent links about this movie?

    I liked it when it came out. Tried rewatching recently and… I guess times have changed. The Milo character just seems a bit manic and the comic relief seems overdone.

    I still love the visual aesthetic and animation quality though.

  • Flexnexus

    Perfect timing. Just rewatched this and Treasure Planet as a back to back last week after more than 20 years and absolutely loved it. I really wish there were more western 2D animated movies.

  • r0b_b0TT

    Damn, dude, where have you been with this channel. I like this kind of documantaries and never heard about those videos.

  • Deakul

    I loved the entire aesthetic and the 1940s adventure feel of the film but I honestly couldn’t stand *any* of the characters.

    I wouldn’t mind a reboot of the IP to give it another shot at all.

  • TomTomMan93

    Watched this video the other day after randomly stumbling upon it. Made me genuinely appreciate this one even more

  • _kevx_91

    Fun fact: The guy who wrote the Atlantean language for this movie also came up with the Klingon language for Star Trek.

  • Kevbot1000

    I was a scrawny kid when I was younger, and wasn’t into sports and such, but art, movies, etc.

    It was nice to see a leading Disney male that I could see myself in.

  • fetuspower

    I always think about the chef character giving the main character a big jar of grease from the adventure and crying about it near the end of the movie and that’s literally all I remember haha

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