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Make Ted Cruz Cry 不

Make Ted Cruz Cry 不

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  • PM_meASelfie

    I’ve read Kendi. He is a jackass who is making race relations in the US worse. He casually lumps every single person in this country into 2 categories: racist or anti-racist. According to him, there is no such thing as one who is simply not racist.

    In order to receive his blessing as an anti-racist, you have to be engaged in perpetual “activism”, which means assuming that society and everything in it is fundamentally racist and critiquing it on that basis until you’ve made “systemic change”.

    Basically, the only way to be an anti-racist is to hold his exact views and change society in ways that he sees fit. Any other views, no matter how progressive or if they are held by a black person or a white person, are racist because they allow for the possibility that some part of society isn’t racist. Following in the manner of the queen virtue signaller Robin DiAngelo, white people are assumed to be racist unless they adhere to this, black people who do not adhere to his brand of anti-society activism are assumed to have been brainwashed by a racist society and are therefore racist. There is nothing in society that falls outside of his racial binary lens, your nieces lemonade stand is either racist or anti-racist. No in between.

    He is half Marxist, half virtue signaller, and 100% asshole who doesn’t truly give a flying fuck about racism. This is not just a children’s book to upset Ted Cruz, it’s a book for parents who use their kids as virtue signalling props for the sake of glorifying their own inclusivity, which is ironically super intolerant. Fuck him, and the narcissists put the weight of their stupid social revolutions on the backs of children.

  • Smart_Doctor

    I borrowed this book from the library. This book is a terrible children’s book full of concepts that toddlers cannot even grasp. If I would have read this book to my son it would have introduced him to the idea of seeing people that don’t look like him as different. That seems a terrible thing to show him.

  • bulboustadpole

    We’re currently living in an era where people have to find something or someone to be outraged at 24/7.


  • qa2fwzell

    This book is so dumb lol. I recommend you read it. And it’s a childrens book ffs.

    There’s a passage: “Some people get more, while others get less. Because policies don’t always grant equal access”. Makes zero sense. What policies? And how the fuck would a child understand that LMAO

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