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Mace Windu, without a lightsaber vs 100,000 droids – from Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars” animated series (2003)

Mace Windu, without a lightsaber vs 100,000 droids – from Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Clone Wars” animated series (2003)

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  • Mp32pingi25

    Lol what the hell, they made him as strong as super man. And this looks like it was made in the 80s not early 2000s. Lolol sooo bad

  • RogueWisdom

    Tartakovsky animating a warrior-philosopher facing off against an army of robots in impossible odds.

    Hmm… I feel like I’ve seen this before…

  • Grotkaniak

    Honestly, this kind of makes me wish the Star Wars shows/movies would lean a bit harder on force powers other than the standard push/pull. This takes it a bit far (Windu leaping like 2 miles in a single bound at the end of this clip after intensely fighting for several minutes is dealing with physics/power that trivializes way too many things in that universe), but I would love to see more force-assisted speed and power feats instead of yet another lightsaber duel every other episode.

    I almost hate to say it, but Star Wars would benefit from taking some inspiration from anime villains. It would be cool to see more variety in powers and fighting styles to ratchet up the tension and wow-factor when they expand the universe. As of right now Disney seems to be trying their hardest to avoid taking any risks with the IP, which is a shame when they have a huge audience that is basically guaranteed to check out basically anything they make.

  • geoken

    Then there was the scene where Yoda forces the droids back into the drop ship, closes its doors, then lifts it into the air and crashes it into another drop ship.

  • NastyAlabastey

    I am showing my young age, but this clip is what introduced me to what Star Wars was other than “I am your father,” and it was such an awesome sequence I had to learn more

  • WeeklyWiper

    Weird. I didn’t like it. He loses his light saber and suddenly the robots forget they have guns? And Jedi are not suppose to be superheros. This was just over-the-top nonsense.

  • Effehezepe

    It’s a shame Visions seasons 2 didn’t have Tartakovsky do an episode. It would have been great to see him tackle Star Wars again.

  • analogWeapon

    The animation style doesn’t do anything for me. It’s really good technically. But it feels so playful. It’s like Fisher Price toys. Star Wars always felt more gritty to me.

  • NUMBERS2357

    Maybe an unpopular opinion but this is the sort of thing in Star Wars I don’t like.

    Jedi started out as wise men, who only fought on occasion when really necessary, relying more on stealth and brains and such. They evolved over time into uber-warriors capable of taking out thousands of enemies at once.

    If the original Star Wars was made in the spirit of this clip, the minute they landed on the Death Star Obi-Wan would have jumped out of the Millenium Falcon, laying waste to entire battalions of storm troopers with the wave of a hand, then flying through the Death Star dragging his light saber through the walls until it blew up.

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