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Love the dual wielding in Jedi: Survivor

Love the dual wielding in Jedi: Survivor

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  • bt123456789

    Honestly all of the stances are fun. So far I have Single, double-blade, dual-wield, >!Blaster!<, and >!Crossguard!<, wonder how many others there are.

  • bad_apiarist

    I wish there was a grown-up mode that operated more like Jedi Academy so that light sabers didn’t feel like glowy steel swords. But eh, with Disney in charge, probably never happen.

  • Logondo

    I am SO glad duel-wielding is just a regular thing you can do in Survivor. You don’t get it in Fallen Order until the very end, and it more-so acts like a special move.

    Like seriously, I fucking love duel-wielding lightsabers.

    Best moment in Ep2? When Anakin duel-wields.

    Best side-character? Asajj Ventress, because she duel-wields.

    And it’s just so fun in Survivor. You really just go-ham, counter, go-ham, repeat.

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