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London NYE Fireworks

London NYE Fireworks

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  • Hot_Mess_Express

    I almost posted this after I watched it earlier today. It’s really fantastic. I watched most of the other major cities, and London absolutely put them to shame showmanship wise. Excellent!.

  • IAmABritishGuy

    Every year I watch various celebrations from around the world and I am always super impressed, proud and happy watching the UK’s celebrations. **I could be biased and probably am** but I honestly believe we have the best New Years fireworks in the world.

    The music and fireworks always have some flawless timings, there’s always a form of story going along with the fireworks, we show our love and respect to others and always have a positive vibe throughout the celebrations.

    – We open giving our love from London to the world watching
    – We celebrate our countries achievements, this year we honour our Lionesses winning the Euros
    – We show our support to our friends Ukraine lighting up London in Ukraine’s colours, playing their winning Eurovision song and having their back!
    – We show our compassion for everyone displaced by conflicts and climate change
    – We show our love to those in the LGBTQ+ communities and support them
    – We give a touching tribute to our Queen Elizabeth
    – We usher in a new era with King Charles with a call for a coming together to help fight climate change
    – We finish with upbeat, fun, loving music and go into 2023 with a positive attitude!

  • RequiredTraining

    London’s show is always so much better than the one we have in NYC. As an American, I’ve now started watching the BBC on new years and celebrating with the UK at 7PM.

    There’s really no good reason to stay up to watch a shitty ball slide down a pole in front of thousands of ads. Then the cheesy NYC songs while people make out.

    One day, maybe we will spend some tax money and have a show like London’s in Washington DC along the National Mall. It could celebrate the new year, Americas accomplishments, etc.

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