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Like it was yesterday

Like it was yesterday

Like it was yesterday from gaming

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  • stingertc

    Ahh those were the days I miss the midnight launches in the 360 Era greatest generation in gaming I think we had games and cool systems

  • Quirky-Seesaw8394

    I remember an independent retailer broke street date in my area by almost 48 hours. GameStop’s in my area started to sell it within that same day in response.

  • Immediate_Reality357

    GTA San Andreas launch will forever be the one that was never beat for me

    You had to get there……it was a different time

    The Golden age of games

  • sketchypoutine

    Man, this makes me sad, I miss this era of gaming so much. The last midnight release I went to was Black Ops. I made friends in that line that I gamed with for years.

  • crawford1288

    Ahhh I remember this launch. My friend and I took a whole week off work to get this at launch and played several days straight! Mt dew code red and nacho cheese doritos!

  • freezypop78

    One of my local stores had a launch day special releasing the game at half price first come first serve the line was pretty nuts shame the game was overrated did a trade in a few weeks later and actually make money on it so it was good for something I guess then BF BC2 came out a little latter and the rest is history

  • StevhenO

    I was in middle-school and groups of friends formed their own clans on MW2 and we would have tournaments. Sometimes it would be snipers only or knifes only. Good fucking times

  • Dylancragun

    Makes me sad, I was to young to have been around for this, and I’ll never get to be part of a midnight release like that

  • Spork-in-Your-Rye

    I don’t think there will ever be a game this big. The No Russian mission, that traitorous fuck Shepherd. I miss the MW2 era so much.

  • UnactiveTewwoist

    What’s your fav or first call of duty game? Mines World at war I played it at like 2014 I think I don’t really remember.

  • rjod3297

    Activision really needs this new MW2 to go off like fireworks….if it doesn’t it will piss off multi generational gamers….

  • DenverMr2

    I remember this well I was in Denver and the GameStop shared a building with a Barnes and Noble so it had a huge parking lot. They got a few military Humvees and the little red bull mini cooper to come by and hand out swag. Line was around the building and half way down the block by the time they started handing games out. You also had to pre pay at the counter and when it was time to get your game, they took you to a tiny store room in the back of the store that was loaded with nothing but call of duty game cases. It was efficient. A buddy of mine who was more a casual player came along and was shocked how wild the whole thing was. The next year black ops wasn’t nearly as organized and was just a long line without all the extra hype and stuff. I miss these days and I still get excited downloading a game early but cant play it until launch. Doesn’t quite hit the same but I’m still here for it.

  • Kyyy_Funk_89

    I always liked midnight releases because there’s always a story to tell about them. My favorite is probably GTA San Andreas’ release, because there were a bunch of scrawny white kids with the gang bandana they got with the game.

  • Tsukasa07

    I was there to buy the DBZ game releasing that night. Never had intentions to get MW 2 than impulsed it at the front counter

  • napertucky1

    The lobbies in those games man. I was little but that was the shit. Now you occasionally hear a “damnit” when someone dies. Wish we could go back.

  • _broey

    I remember losing my shit when my dad told me he pre-ordered me the prestige edition of this game for my 12th birthday. Those night vision goggles were so fucking cool.

  • HelpMe0prah

    I took off for this launch, so did my wife. I got super sick she had to go get our preorders alone. She came home and took care of me and in the morning she said “it’s time to suck it up and be a noob” and handed me a beer.

  • wikiwombat

    Wasnt stateside for the release, but in iraq. Sometime after the release the relatively small group of marines we worked with sent a pfc or corporal to go have “dental stuff” checked either back in kuwait or one of the bigger bases so he could pick up a few copies of the game. It was non-stop lan gaming for months.

  • WDCombo

    I worked at GameStop for Modern Warfare 2 and the sales that day were fucking insane.

    We rang up 150,000 dollars in 24 hours.

  • rust_master_dumpster

    I bought my ps3 on MW2 launch day in a bundle at best buy.

    I dropped about $2k that day on a big ‘flat’ screen and a MW2 console bundle. Wasn’t even a special ps3 tho. Just the fat gen 2 console, game, extra controller and gold monster cables. I rem thinking this is gonna be mega HD now.

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