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  • try-catch-finally

    Autumn 1984- University California Irvine- soccer field – 6pm or so

    I was in a weekly jugglers meetup. Some folks attended the college, some random local high school kids, and some actual professional jugglers would meet every week, blow off steam, show new tricks, and just be social.

    We were at the outside of the soccer field, in no way in anyones way.

    One guy, professional, just got done showing his new truck where he had 2 bowling balls, and a playground ball- and this is important- the playground ball looked EXACTLY LIKE THE BOWLING BALL

    He would start out by dropping one of the bowling balls with a THUD to show it was heavy. He then would do standard juggling patterns, faking the playground ball to be as heavy as the other two.

    His finale would be to throw the playground ball up and bounce it off his head, much to the horror of those watching.

    After his demo, he had the three balls just lined up on the grass, by us.

    Apparently a soccer player saw the show, and wrongfully assumed they were ALL rubber playground balls.

    She started off 20 yards away, full sprint to the balls. We were all screaming at her to stop, because we knew she had a 67% chance at real injury.

    Well. She swung back her leg and kicked- the bowling ball, at full speed. Fractured most of the bones in her foot.

    She was just hell bent on sending the playground ball flying, she didnt bother listening to the 10 people screaming at her- thought we were kidding

    I always wonder what she told the doctors what she did. Would have loved to be there when the doctors asked why the FUCK would you kick a bowling ball

    Apparently the story has travelled around a bit- I was lucky enough to witness it live.

    EDIT: To correct some confusion:
    The bowling balls were not on the soccer field – they were not placed to entice soccer players – the soccer player had to invade our space to kick it – no one was in a place to physically stop her – she ignored all warnings to stop and not proceed – she was hell bent on doing a mean thing to us – it was instant karma.

    Had she not ran away from her practice, on purpose, and ran into our equipment, on purpose, she would have not injured herself.

  • Xi-the-dumb

    Can we please stop uploading this? Ive seen this ad with the funeral at the end in 3 different subreddits just today. The funeral isnt even part of the ad, someone put it on there.

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