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Let me do it for you…let me eat you…kermie

Let me do it for you…let me eat you…kermie

Let me do it for you…let me eat you…kermie from funny

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  • Bralo123

    The thing about polar bears is they have such an increadible nose this thing was smelling you guys from miles away and knew exactly what it was doing when coming into your direction.

  • i_should_be_coding

    I want someone I can trust the same way this person trusts the sturdiness of those stairs. They absolutely look like something the bear can just pry open like a can of tuna.

  • Azal_of_Forossa

    I’ll never look at polar bears the same ever in my life, I saw a couple photos that made their rounds around the internet of one totally covered in blood and the insides of a human all over it, and it’s two pics, one with it’s face stuffed in the stomach devouring the dude, and the next pic of the bear looking at the camera, face totally drenched in his blood, fuck those things.

  • Beneficial-Category

    My grandparents lived in Anchorage Alaska for a few years (1981-1985). There was this older native lady that they were neighbors with that would feed the polar bears fish heads and guts from her husband’s fishing boat. Every time the boat came in she would feed them the unwanted bits. One day she went out and got chased by a rutting bull moose. My grandpa went to get his rifle, before he could do anything three of the polar bears ran full tilt after the moose and chased it off. Thankfully the old lady (and everyone else) was fine.

  • brrdikid

    It’s driving me nuts that I can’t see the full enclosure this person is in. I mean, it’s gotta be a full enclosure, right? This isn’t just a staircase where the bear is just going to walk around to the other side to catch dinner, right?

  • oktaS0

    Why is it that in every video with polar bears, the humans are chill… Like, that is the only Apex Predator on earth that hunts humans for food.

    Don’t fuck around these absolute units of raw power.

  • Labtecharu

    Important in polar bear country.

    Never go anywhere alone, go in pairs.

    Go with someone slow and more obese than you. Being two against a polar bear wont help you, but maybe the pause when it is busy eating your slower friend will allow you to get to safety.

    Oh and pro tip: When you start running – trip your buddys leg just to be sure

  • McRatHattibagen

    It’s rare to go into polar bear territory without a high-caliber weapon, and most Arctic guides will carry a gun with them. Step 2: Use bear pepper spray. As with all other species of bear, pepper spray is your most effective method of fighting off a polar bear
    Know the warning signs 

    Polar bears will exhibit certain behaviors when they’re curious about you, such as sniffing the air, moving their ears forward or flattening them back, staring directly at you or huffing and popping their jaws. Watch for these cues that they’ve noticed you, and they’re interested.  
    Stay calm and communicate 

    If you see a polar bear, keep your voice calm and quiet and communicate with your group about where the bear is, what it is doing and what your escape route should be. 
    Don’t run 

    Despite their immense size, polar bears are surprisingly agile and running away might alert them to your presence (also, you can’t outrun them). Keep facing the bear and keep it in your sights at all times as you slowly back away and prepare to make a wide detour around the bear. 
    Stay down wind 

    Polar bears have an extremely sensitive nose, so if possible, stay downwind from them and they may not detect you. This means that if you’re facing a polar bear, the wind should be blowing into your face, not against your back. 

    6. Be prepared to fight 

    If a polar bear looks set to charge at you, it’s probably not a false alarm. You and your group should stick together, drop your backpacks and arm yourself with anything heavy and sharp, such as your ice axes and trekking poles, that you can use as a weapon. Don’t play dead as this just makes it easier for the polar bear to eat you. 

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