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Left lane campers BUSTED!

Left lane campers BUSTED!

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  • tommy_chillfiger

    I hate left lane camping almost as much as not using blinkers. It’s been frustrating when I’ve seen cops go right by left lane campers and not do shit, so this video is satisfying.

  • Arimer

    Texas has the same law wher left lane is for passing only so ol white truck guy just doesnt know what he’s doing. Plus no one in Texas drives the speed limit.

  • bluethiefzero

    Not sure how I feel about this.

    First, yeah. Slower traffic should keep right and left lane is for passing slower traffic.

    Second, the guy who was going the speed limit got pulled over so people could pass him. The dude going the speed limit. I mean, that is basically saying the speeding helps everyone out because it reduces congestion. Then why not just raise the speed limit? Or is this another instance where we are giving police the discretion to enforce laws as they see fit?

    But then again, people are going to speed, so making it where they have a dedicated path to do so creates an overall safer environment. But that is only a problem when people are trying to speed past people who are already going the speed limit, which isn’t being enforced.

    I don’t know. The practical application of the law vs the written word irks me.

  • Artyturo

    What a dickhead. This is the same guy that’s probably up your ass when you’re going 90 in the left lane too. No matter how fast it’s never fast enough

  • FrankGrimesJr

    I agree that 100% that camping in the left lane is problematic, but….

    …what about all those people passing on the right, clearly going above the speed limit?

    This just seems like populism to me: focusing on an inconvenience while ignoring objective safety issues. Perhaps I’m a little jaded, but I’m willing to bet that this sherriff is an elected official.

  • herodesfalsk

    He is far too lenient. Left lane campers cause accidents and tons of frustration. Traffic school in the US sucks when they cant teach people how to drive safely.

    Another major problem is signage: “Slower traffic keep right”. Nobody considers themselves as slow traffic. A far more effective sign would simply say “Keep right”.

  • captain_poptart

    Two weeks ago I honked at a guy who was camping in the left lane. He didn’t like it and proceeded to flash his brights, honk, and give me the finger every chance he got. He ended up passing me on a double solid with oncoming traffic. Idiot was in his work truck. I called his bosses after he passed me

  • lordlemming

    People need to stop calling it the “fast lane” when it’s the passing lane. Be a part of the solution, call it the passing lane.

  • Jaerin

    You know its not about following the law of the speed limit, its about what I want and get the fuck out of the left lane. Apparently that’s what passes as fair law enforcement. Speed limits are optional when you are annoying other people.

    Maybe all laws should be optional when you might annoy someone else. Going to take too long at the gas station, might as well gun down the attendant everyone else can get through the store faster. It’s not about not committing murder, its about getting out of the store fast enough.

  • wannabeemperor

    That last guy was begging for a ticket man. The fact he was in a work truck hauling heavy equipment is probably the only thing that saved him.

  • DaPino

    So honest question.

    He says that “I was going the speed limit” is a common excuse but that it ‘isn’t about that’ since ‘the left lane is for passing and traffic was bunching up behind hil’.

    Isn’t that just condonibg speeding?
    If someone *is* driving the speed limit then it is impossible to impede lawful traffic since no one should be going faster than you.

  • coffee_snake

    This needs to be posted in /r/dashcams

    Those idiots think it’s their civic duty to prevent everyone from speeding by intentionally fucking with the flow of traffic.

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