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Last episode of beloved PBS cartoon “Arthur”

Last episode of beloved PBS cartoon “Arthur”

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  • anonymous_coward69

    Well, I gotta watch this. Thanks for posting.

    Edit: Well that was heckin’ cute. I understand there’s a time limit, but, as others have pointed out, it would have been nice to see what some of the other characters grew up to be. The Buster-centric episode didn’t need to be included, and this would have given more room to expand on the future scene. More or less satisfying end of an era for me as someone who grew up without cable and predominantly had PBS Kids to watch for cartoons.

  • AntarcticScaleWorm

    Definitely going to watch this, though I’m probably going to be very distraught when I’m done

    Edit: Yep, I’m distraught. That was a beautiful ending. Really nice little throwback

  • brb1006

    Seriously bummed that we didn’t see a grown up Fern and Sue Ellen. Those two are one of my favorite characters in the show next to George. I really wanted to see Fern as a successful horror author as an adult.

  • dman6233

    The guy that voices adult Arthur just so happens to be Michael Yarmush, who was the original voice actor for Arthur. That’s a nice touch if you ask me.

  • noodlejams

    This was a great show growing up, and I still watch an episode every once in awhile. My kiddo never liked it but it’s always been a fun show to me

  • ElderCunningham

    This was the one show I found I enjoyed on PBS kids as I got older. I found most of their shows too childish, but could enjoy Arthur for quite a bit.

  • knightboatsolvecrime

    Yo why am I crying in the club?

    But for real, I remember being old enough that I saw the Arthur premiere, and I even remember that my favorite episode was the chicken pox/circus episode. It really had a great run and captured the childhood experience without being too preachy or condescending. Thank you Arthur and all involved!

  • Lima_Bean_Jean

    Aww this was such a cute ending. I remember watching this cartoon in high school and college. It was always a nice way to relax.

  • Yotsubauniverse

    Because of Arthur and a friend of mine from church I was able to cheer up when I was crying about the fact I had to get glasses.

  • Kangermu

    I grew up in a town next to where Marc Brown lives, and he always came to our elementary school and would read and talk to the kids, so it’s really bittersweet that it’s ending after all this time. What a great finale though!

  • goldendreamseeker

    I remember this show when I was a kid! Truly the end of an era!! Very clever of them to do a “full circle” thing too (the first episode was about Arthur’s glasses).

  • Funandgeeky

    Arthur was a little past my time, but I always appreciated the fact that it kept going all these years. I thought it was a lovely episode, and I’m always a sucker for a 20 Years Later type ending.

    I also enjoyed the A-113 reference. That was a nice touch.

  • GrandeSizeIt

    If I remember correctly, arthur was the last show to use traditional hand drawn animation. Imo as good as it was after, it definitely lost a little but when it changed to the clip art style animation.

  • JannTosh12

    What about Brain and Fern and Sue Ellen and Mr Ratburn? Yeha I know I am 30 years old and talking about the Arthur finale but come on! Lol. Seriously though I hope the writers say what those characters end up doing

  • MorboDemandsComments

    I never before saw an episode of Arthur so I’m not expert, but I thought this was a very good and sweet ending to a TV show that I know nothing about.

  • raylan_givens6

    What ever happened to Sue Ellen, Fern, Prunella, the Tibble twins, and Brain?

    seems odd that many of the original Edgewood Elementary members were not even mentioned

    especially when George and DW’s friend got more time

  • swanny246

    Considering the show went for over 20 seasons, was there a particular reason that it’s only now ended and not just kept going like The Simpsons?

  • man4theoccasins

    End of era. So many kids watch this growing up as it became a staple of PBS kids. With the catch theme song, characters,books, & memes. Marc Brown’s Arthur really filled a after school void for myself and so many more. I will never forget the feeling of it being 4:30 CT and Changing the channel to 9. Arthur and memories will always be with me and others. Here’s to 25 Great years. Thank You!

  • OneGoodRib

    So is Buster a college professor or is Kate just a third-year senior at high school? She’d have to be 20 or 21 in the end.

    Also the thumbnail gives me major Drawfee channel vibes, lol

    But it was sweet! I’m sure the target audience won’t even realize anything was special about this episode.

    Also here’s a weird bit of trivia: the first Arthur book came out over a decade *before* the final Mary Poppins book. The first Mary Poppins book came out around 20 years before Marc Brown was born.

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