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Lake Mead is drying up

Lake Mead is drying up

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  • koenigcpp

    You have a guy waiting in a car line made of hundreds of heavy duty pick up trucks running idle for up to 4 hours so they can play with their even less efficient toy boats into the lake. The same lake suffering from climate change the guy waiting to use is making the very video about.

    Does anyone else find this highly ironic?

  • noobvin

    People shitting their pants over high gas prices… wait until there is a shortage of drinking water. People just have no idea what’s coming.

  • Albedo100

    4 hours to launch and pick up your boat? Blows my mind people sit through that. Just move somewhere else where they have more than one lake lol.

    But I guess I just don’t get people. Imagine living in Las Vegas of all places and buying a $100k+ lake boat

  • GagOnMacaque

    Once it dries up, ground water will also dry up. This leaves Az, Nv, Ut, and Ca in a shitty situation. Many cities and communities will become ghost towns. There was supposed to be enough water for 3 more generations, but greed and mismanagement have doomed the water supply. In addition, wells up to a mile away have amplified this deterioration of this lake and other groundwater sources. If you live in these states, say goodbye to property value.

  • Oscar-Wilde-1854

    I love how he shows the signs of where the water was in 2000, 2002, 2008, etc…

    The irony of them putting up signs literally showcasing the problem as it happened over the last 2 decades… yet nothing was done about it. If anything the governments and people relying on that water just doubled down on using it.

  • Isotope_Soap

    Lake Mead/Hoover Dam as well as Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Dam should no longer be considered sources of renewable energy unless they can maintain lake levels within 10% of capacity.

  • Newish_Username

    Welp, the problems I believe–no doubt–will get solved. After some heads figuratively roll. And that will happen *after* it’s depleted.

  • participationmedals

    I worked within the Las Vegas water industry for four years from 2001-2005 and this isn’t surprising at all. It’s worse than expected, but not surprising.

  • Spinwheeling

    I know this will get buried, but as the video shows walking or driving on that mud can be VERY dangerous. Imagine being stuck out there for hours in 108 F heat. Don’t risk it, looking at the boat close up isn’t worth it.

  • LordSn00ty

    What everyone is slightly missing with these videos is that the recent dramatic drop in lake mead is just local water management. They decided to retain more water in lake Powell, hence mead, which feeds off Powell, is dropping dramatically right now.

    So it’s not quite the apocalypse of “the water is running out at mead”, rather “they’re storing the water somewhere else”.

    I know overall the southwest is kinda screwed on water, but overlooking this point of water management vs water shortage makes these vids look more dramatic than they are.

  • satansheat

    Iv been watching this guys videos.

    I was in lake mead back in 2017 and was just there last month. It’s insane how low it is and what even crazier is back in 2017 we where saying the same thing but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now.

  • camopanty

    It’s shocking it would do that after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning from climate scientists.

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