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Kurt Cobain and Nirvana react to hearing what other artists charge for concert tickets in 1993

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana react to hearing what other artists charge for concert tickets in 1993

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana react to hearing what other artists charge for concert tickets in 1993

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana react to hearing what other artists charge for concert tickets in 1993 from OldSchoolCool

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  • bee_ryan

    I’ll probably never go to a large concert again unfortunately. I guess I’m a snob, so I love to be center and close. You used to just pay a little more and have to be the early bird, but now lower level Tool tickets are $800, and people are evidently paying it. Makes me sad.

  • MilhouseVsEvil

    It’s not really the artists most of the time, live nation and Ticketmaster straight up rob us blind.
    Pearl Jam tried to do something about it but couldn’t beat them in the end.

  • tayloriser

    About $96 today. Meanwhile Foo Fighters charge $263 for tickets in NY Citi Field about $131 in 1993. Though Dave Grohl seems to be keeping quiet in this clip lol

    Edit. These are the most expensive tickets, there are cheap ones for $54!

  • Alwaysfavoriteasian

    I dont think people realize now that artists made their money elsewhere and not venues. Now artists make their money at venues. There was a shift in paying for the art.

  • Agent847

    I love Krist Novaselic.

    TIL he’s literally Straight Outta Compton. Go figure.

    Also… Nirvana tickets would be $200 just like everyone else’s now. That’s why I rarely go to shows anymore. $200 tickets and $18 Bud lights is like… tf is this?

  • uglygirlfitness

    The ‘When We Were Young’ tour is charging $200 per ticket non-refundable. The tour looks awesome, but line up seems too good to be true. Sort of like Fyre. But maybe I’m too old to go see bands I loved when I was young.

  • VCCassidy

    I see punk and hardcore bands for 10-20 dollars at small clubs or VFW halls. Guys jump on stage grab the mic from the singers hand and scream a few lines and dive back into the crowd. When you’re used to that kind of intimacy with an artist, sitting in an arena feels lifeless and dead.

  • scrambledoctopus

    In the rest of the interview the band learns how much of that ticket price actually goes to them. Kurt seems flabbergasted by the whole thing.

  • ArminTanz

    This is right before the major shift. Then the tour promoted the album. Now the album promotes the tour. Most bands put their album on the Spotify for free hoping to get you to come to the show an maybe buy merch.

  • 100LimeJuice

    I didn’t go to concerts for years because I didn’t want to drive 3 hours to Los Angeles and pay $100 for motel, $200 for a garbage seat, $50 gas, $50 parking, $100 beer/food. But after Tom Petty, Chris Cornell, Bowie, etc died I said fuck it just go cuz you’ll regret not seeing them. And I gotta say it’s worth the dough and you can get some decent seats for around $150 if you buy the minute they go on sale. I’m finishing off my 90s checklist this year with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  • garysvault108

    Anybody member when radio 104 in hartford, ct used to put on their “big ass barbecue” which had 20 bands for 20 bucks? I saw Reel Big Fish, Live, and Dee Snyder and a whole bunch of other bands while getting a furious sunburn.

  • Bryancreates

    Off topic but I always forget how good looking Kurt is. Grunge, long hair, stubble. Yet is still the most attractive man, not even factoring his talent into it. He has to fight hard not to look good.

  • trademarkcopy

    I forgot what Kurt’s speaking voice sounded like.

    *checks calander. This was 29 years ago. I was born 42 years ago.*

    Geralt: **fuck**.

  • voiceofgromit

    I saw the Rolling Stones in Bristol UK in 1971. Tickets were 1 pound sterling. A POUND?!?! I was aghast. It was literally double what I’d ever paid for a band at that time.

  • ZoomHigh

    I remember when Van Halen’s 1984 tickets were announced at $10.00, I thought they had lost their f-ing minds. Yes, of course I went!

    Reflecting on this – it was only 3 hours at minimum wage. Can you imagine going to see a major concert where tix were $21.75 today?

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