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Koreans remembering punishments they received at school (turn on subtitles)

Koreans remembering punishments they received at school (turn on subtitles)

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  • pcurve

    I’m in my mid 40s, my Dad in mid 70s. I remember getting corporal punishment as early as 2nd grade. So when I asked my Dad about his experience, I was shocked to hear that there was no such thing when he attended school. This video confirmed it for me.

    I don’t think anyone at the time ever questioned teacher’s rights to dole out physical punishment. God knows how many beatings I got. However, even as a child, you do remember few instances of emotionally charged unjust punishment. Those can scar someone for life. For 20 years after graduation, I wanted to pay my 5th grade teacher a visit and give him a beating of his life time because of what he did to me. I couldn’t even tell my parents because they would be infuriated at the teacher and cause shitstorm. To this date, I haven’t told them about the incident.

    I’m glad it’s illegal now.

  • mangledmonkey

    Oh yea. Worked with engineers over at Hyundai and got to know a lot of them very well. I heard a lot of stories about school punishments from older guys. Judging by the abilities of a large amount of Korean grandparents to take care of grandchildren, parenting also has some nasty habits from years ago. Not that things weren’t much different in other places. I wouldn’t trust my grandparents with my own kids for ery long before grandma cracks and starts some ahit I don’t want happening. Patience just isn’t there for her these days and she can’t be told she’s wrong because she’s just so wise and knowledgeable from all her years of working at home as an artist…

  • TRDeadbeat

    It wasn’t just the teachers, many parents followed this behavior as well – it was just a common thing in the Korean culture.

    Some of the most extreme punishments were done in “cram schools”. A sort of private school that parents fully endorsed and sent their kids to willingly.

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