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Knock at the Cabin – Official Trailer

Knock at the Cabin – Official Trailer

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  • Drewhasspoken

    Whoever does Shyamalan’s trailers deserves a fucking award because very literally every single time they manage to convince me that this is the one that’ll be amazing, and I’ve been disappointed almost every time. I just get pulled back in.

  • moviesarealright

    I dig it! Reminds me of Funny Games in a way. Glad the dialogue and performances (at least in this trailer) aren’t hammy and odd like they were in Old.

    I’ll always check out this guys movies, say what you want about M Night, but he always sticks to his stories no matter what and shoots for the fences every time. Glad to support filmmakers like him

  • darkness_escape

    In before how is he still allowed to make movies people.

    First off this looks excellent. Cabin at the End of the World is a perfect novel for M Nights style. Dave Bautista seems incredible based off the trailer and following him on social he couldn’t of been any less excited about doing this movie

    Second of all he fully self finances his entire budgets. He pays for it. He does not need permission to make movies.

  • StomachIcy7116

    Haven’t really followed this and for some reason I thought Bautista and Rupert Grint were the ones playing the dads. Oh well! Still looks good!


    Listen. No matter how many stinkers in a row he plops out of his pooper. After his Sixth Sense-Unbreakable-Signs run, will *always* give the man a chance. Because as my patience paid off with Split, he’s gonna shit gold, again, *eventually*.

    Without putting in too much stock or hopes… This trailer got me hyped.

  • RalfNelson

    A gay couple? And an Asian girl? Cool. Now liberals are gonna claim this to be the best movie ever, despite who made the fucking thing.

  • firetruckstory

    Honestly… It looks like parody of the book. Maybe it’s the case of “That’s not have I imagined this” though or me not wanting it to be Shyamalan of all people who could did this much much better.

  • thedudeisalwayshere

    Despite him having a rough patch between 2006 to 2013, I’m a big fan of M. Night and this looks pretty damn cool

    And Dave is easily the best wrestler turned actor as well.

  • SuperAlloyBerserker

    Is it just me or does the kid’s voice sound like it was dubbed? You can especially hear it when she first talks to the guy with the tattooed hand

  • ShambolicPaul

    Ooh. I mean the novels shit and the director is a meme. I don’t understand how this got funded or who would go see it. There’s no possibility this can be good. I just hope they keep the Grilled chicken scene in, cos that’s the glue that held the whole book together.

  • Sandroes

    I found the book to be ok, it had some good ideas but because of the story it became simply uninteresting at some point, and the ending was not great. It looks like he’s following the novel word by word, but I hope he changes some things to make it better.

  • BelgianBond

    Okay I see your cabin invasion turned armageddon premise annnnnd… I’m bored. This looks like it lacks the belly laughs of Old.

  • DefinitelyNotALeak

    m. night’s track record is so bad at this point in time that i’d be lying if i said i’d expected this to be any good. BUT, in a way i am still looking forward to see this film, there is a certain entertainment factor in his films, at least usually.
    But hey, maybe this is one of the better ones, we’ll see.

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