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Just watched a driving test examiner at the NCDMV park this and walk into work…

Just watched a driving test examiner at the NCDMV park this and walk into work…

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  • Aunt_TT

    His insurance agent probably recommended it after years of failed tests of those who couldn’t even make it out of the parking lot without hitting a car ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)

  • sysadminbj

    How far from the door to wherever is this parked? If it’s at the ass end of the parking lot, that’s one thing. If it’s close to the front door, then a juvenile and petty display is required by law.

  • sailingtroy

    IF the test is to be taken in that vehicle, it may be reasonable given that some driving tests start with a walkaround of the vehicle. I know no one does it in real life, but some jurisdictions do teach that.

  • LegionMk1

    This kind of shit is why I’m going to order some of those ‘I park like a twat’ stickers with super strong adhesive backing…stick that dead center on the drives side of the windscreen and let them deal with it.

  • The-Brit

    I asked a driver (BMW) why they did this. “I don’t want anyone to scratch my car” was the dickhead’s response. It wasn’t even anything special.

  • WanderersEndgame

    I’ve seen this elsewhere. To employees in a well-established underused parking situation, this is a normal defense against door dings, that fellow employees recognize and respect.

  • Ceizyk

    When I was in high school in what feels like a lifetime ago, I knew people who would deliberately flatten the tires of cars they found like that. The going idea was, if they wanted to park like an asshole then they can hang out a while longer.

    After it kept happening, and they kept coming back they eventually stopped parking like assholes.

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