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Just curious what people here thought about these “jokes” in Licorice Pizza

Just curious what people here thought about these “jokes” in Licorice Pizza

Just curious what people here thought about these “jokes” in Licorice Pizza

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  • lemonator85

    I didn’t love the movie, I’d even call myself a huge PTA fan, overall didn’t love the movie, but these two scenes/gags/jokes really stood out for me as out of place and racist. Curious what others thought about it.

  • filmeswole

    I find comedic racism to be a complicated subject. One one hand I think it’s clear that the racist man is being portrayed as a buffoon and representative of the times, but on the other hand, it’s easy to laugh along with him while disapproving of his behavior.

  • TJTrapJesus

    I heard of this controversy and thought it’d be OK if it was in the context of just highlighting racism but this is a lot worse than I thought it would be. Just seems like it’s playing it up for humor and not at the expense of the guy saying it.

  • FinalDungeon

    You see it’s funny because it’s racist against Asians, which is totally acceptable in our culture.

    Speaking as an American of Japanese descent.

    I’m not Mr. CancelCulture but this shit and anyone who is cool with it can fuck off. Blazing Saddles this is not.

  • PhenomenalSanchez

    I didn’t find it remotely funny until he admits later he doesn’t know Japanese just because that’s a funny subversion

  • Chef_Goldblum_13

    His first wife speaks English, she has an accent, he speaks in an accent.

    His second wife doesn’t speak English, he doesn’t understand what she says.

    That’s the joke

  • mesh509

    On one hand, it’s clear that the butt of the joke is on Higgins’ character, and the ignorant and insensitive attitudes of the time period. But I also agree that the scenes feel pretty out of place regardless, and could’ve been cut without any significant change to the film. I don’t think the scenes are detrimental to the film overall, but I understand why it’s an issue for others.

  • bcraig8870

    Hey, it’s the daily PC Police post bitching about Licorice Pizza. I swear to god, these people make being a liberal frustrating as hell.

  • tim_mcmardigras

    It’s PTA so I know he wouldn’t just put these jokes in the movie for no reason, but these scenes did nothing for me. The jokes weren’t even funny in an ironic/cringeworthy way, and the point of them within the larger context of the film did not come through imo. That said, every other element of Licorice Pizza was executed perfectly, so that’s a minor complaint.

  • CuntArsonist

    The thing about a joke is the content is not as important as the intent. It’s not making fun of Asian people, it’s making fun of this guy’s dumb and inexplicable behavior.

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