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Jedi Survivor PC- the bounty hunter game we never got? So sad it has so many technical issues bc this game is great otherwise. I loved the first one & so far think this one is improvement every way except technical issues.

Settings are GORGEOUS, characters are great, feels like OG Star Wars. I have hog of PC (4090) so once I disabled Ray tracing running all max w DLSS3 & frame generation & 140+ FPS. Before this I was crashing every 5min… could not even make it through intro….Still some artifacting/ghosting around text & CAL’s head when camera is moved but can put up with it.

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  • OnlyDais

    Day One buy for me, was excited as hell. Even though the framerate was bad I loved it and played until Jedha. Then the crashes started, It was so bad that I would lose any progress I made because I couldn’t reach the next Checkpoint before the game crashed. Hoped they would fix it quickly, but EA doesn’t care – not only did I wait 1+ month for one patch, no, they also fix nothing. I think after 4 months waiting I gave up. I accept that I got scammed and will never touch that game again.

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