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It’s not personal I swear

It’s not personal I swear

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  • youngst_gamer

    It’s just from anger (for example when someone loses in call of duty vanguard online he talks shit about the game but after 1 hour plays it again)…you are not alone bro

  • Led-zero

    i’ve said this playing games that i absolutely love, most of my favorites really, usually with an F-bomb. games i dislike its more like,”this game sucks…” or “i can’t believe i paid for this” and then they never get played again. i guess i never get to the frustrated state of “hating” the game unless i in fact, like it.

  • Fit_Substance7067

    Can’t stand when people call any dev “lazy”’s really something that’s gotta go. I take 0 criitism on a game from anyone who says the phrase “lazy devs” as I can’t think of what their though process is…are they picturing grandmas boys devs or something?

  • HotAd6605

    Customers don’t owe game developers anything. We buy a product and enjoy it or not and that’s the end of the transaction. If they do a good job in my view I will pay money for their projects in the future, if not then I won’t. That being said we should still take into account and care if employees are being abused or exploited.

    But as far as a game coming out and my enjoyment of it? I have never felt bad for not liking something because I thought it would hurt the feelings of the person making it, especially when I am paying money for that thing with the reasonable expectation that thing is worth the money I paid.

  • ferlinmandestos

    Devs don’t decide shit and people should stop perpetuating that this is what happens in bigger companies.

    If a movie is shit, blame the creatives and the decision makers, not the crew.

    If they created some dumb construct in your city, blame the city planners and management, not the builders

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