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it’s me, i’m the friend

it’s me, i’m the friend

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  • Parking-Artichoke823

    How can you hide games, playtime, purchases and all the other stuff without removing people from your friendlist or getting a second account?

  • Kilroy83

    The good ole log as offline/invisible never fails, not like I play hentai games but that I dislike people asking to join my games or asking to play something else

  • MrJack20252

    I usually don’t play hentai games… But i’ve spent more than 100€ gifting hentai games to a friend. He hates me, i’ve gift recently sex with hitler to him for his birthday

  • GalacticDystopia

    You can private your inventory and playing status.

    I have adult VNs on my main account. So what? I don’t have kids on my friends list or anything, but yes, it would be nice if there was an option to hide adult games on your “playing now” status

  • mighij

    Stellaris on steam is even worse. It shows which empire you are playing as.

    Which isn’t bad except I had modelled empires on my friends (for immersive reasons, I can’t tell the randomly generated empires apart, but if Steve is fighting Dave and Timothy I do know what’s happening and actually care about it.)

    Que a message from Fat Bob why he’s a devouring swarm…

  • tired-but-determined

    steam > profile name > view profile > edit profile > privacy settings > set game details to private

    That should do the trick

  • PurrAffinity

    Once I caught my buddy playing a hentai game, I jokingly asked if it was good and all he responded with was “I HAVE NEEDS DAMNIT.”

  • Laserous

    Caring if your friends see what you’re fapping to..

    Lol. Ah to be a smol again.

    If you need me, I’ll be replaying Breeders of the Nephelym for the 6th time.

  • benrsmith77

    I remember the days of MSM Messenger. It used to update your status to show the title of whatever audio/video file you were watching.

    This was before sites like Pornhub existed. Most ‘Gentleman’s interest’ material was downloaded as video files and then watched in Media player. I never had any embarrassment but it must have caught someone out!

    It actually got me laid once. A girl I had in my friends list saw I was listening to Poison (the band, not the song) and she was a HUGE fan. Invited me to stay the weekend and ‘hang out’.

  • Salarian_American

    OK but the real question is, which of the following is worse:

    [Friend Name] played *Japanese Panty Explosion* for 3 Hours


    [Friend Name] played *Japanese Panty Explosion* for 2 Minutes

  • lazy_phoenix

    I’m only playing “Stepsister’s misadventures in Sex Town” for the plot. I don’t even care that stepsister-chan is super sexy.

  • realbuttkegels

    Just this being remotely possible even though I don’t have any games like that is why I keep my steam friends list and activity off at all time.

    Even if I weren’t concerned about it, why the fuck would I want someone to know *EVERYTHING* in my library and what I’m currently up to as a default behavior? Why would anyone want that?

  • FantastikaNova

    As a proud lewd game creator, my dream is that someday, that hentai game will be mine.
    Hundreds of wanks will bring tears to my eyes.

  • _x__

    Just be yourself. Play that shit. Let them see it and judge. They’re your friends, right? They shouldn’t care. Hell, you might even discover common kin…interests between you.

  • sackboy54321

    My friend once said “I would play a furry dating sim before I play Battlefield 2042”.
    Turns out there was a furry dating sim going on sale for $3.
    He accepted the gift but hasn’t played it, yet.

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