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It’s actually insane that one released in 2015 and the other in 2022 and looks leagues worse than a 7 year old game

It’s actually insane that one released in 2015 and the other in 2022 and looks leagues worse than a 7 year old game

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  • dropbear_hunter

    It’s not insane at all when you consider the effort and passion that one is overflowing with, and the other is truly devoid of.

  • XDenzelMoshingtonX

    Why is OP posting shitty visual comparisons 24/7?

    How about you play games instead of obsessing over how game x looks better/worse than game y?

  • SimplySatisfyin

    I mean isn’t this comparing apples to oranges. A better comparison would be with suicide squad since they also worked on the Arkham series no?

  • Scum_Of_TheEarth

    one on the right looks better than the one on the left.. what are you going on about.. blurry trash on the left.. clear on the right.. = improvement. just look at the detail in the road alone.. seriously.. good lord people… either way, both games are dreadfully boring..

  • OnyxBee

    I felt like this wasn’t a good comparison of pics at all, One is raining which is notorious for wetter=better graphics illusion.

    That being said, I’ve not played the new one so idk what it’s like.

  • Vaizel

    I’d like to remind people that on release Arkham Knight ran like absolute garbage. No point in comparing screenshots if the game experience is still shit

  • utopianlasercat

    It actually does not look worse. It’s just a different graphic style. GK is set in an 1980’s inspired neon soaked Gotham, and Arkham Knight is in an Tim Burton style Gotham. (Which yes is also 80’s).

  • alietrie

    I hate this take, it’s posted here for like what a 100th time? These are different games made by different studios w different people working there and w different ideas in mind.
    How dumb is it to compare these games w implication that GK is shit bc its graphics is (surprise) different. Go compare AK to lego batman while you’re at it.

    GK has its flaws but it’s a fun game and it still looks good even wo hyper realistic scenery overflowing w effects that no hardware could run on release (no offence to AK, I love it as well).

  • DArtTheEmcee

    I mean I always felt Gotham Knights is clearly a bigger game, it has a completely different kind of focus. I’ve played the Arkham Games and I’m enjoying Gotham Knights every bit as much as the Arkham series. I like the traversal better, the radiant crimes keep me engaged with incentives, the suits and weapon builds are plentiful too and Gotham is interesting to explore. You get to see the Ice Berg Lounge, Stagg Industries, Fox Techa, Black Gate, Start Labs and many other cool landmarks! The Bat cycle actually fits on the road, and looks like it can ride with other vehicles on the same road.

    The combat has its own style, either you love it or you don’t. However the grappling system sucks, sometimes it’s limits you to random indicators of where you can grapple to. For instance I may want a building across the street, but for some reason the indicator will only let me grapple to the lamp post to the the right of me wtf?🤬 The game is heavily frame based, which means every frame must be completed. It’s a aesthetic in a sense, but it makes it tough to acutely control the characters.

    Whatever they do they must finish, even when being attacked and they take damage.🤬 They took an approach with Red Hood that I initially didn’t like, but it eventually grew on me. He’s one of the most fun to play with the guns, and with the way the combat system works He’s the best experience for it. The camera is a huge problem in this game, it can cause so many things to go wrong. The frame rate issue affects where they stand to, You must stand in the right place in order to get a command prompt for something. If you’re in the sweet spot and move even a inch and the command prompt disappear, hitting the wrong button could change your stealth situation into an open brawl.🤬

    Don’t get me wrong The game certainly is flawed, but so were the Arkham games. However I definitely feel the difference in the open world, I Love the fact that they are deep trenches within Gotham. Small lower income areas, that really look downtrodden. Also playing the game, the graphics don’t look that bad to me. However these are all my opinions, I can understand if nobody else shares them 🫡👑

  • AbLincoln1863

    I mean I can see the difference but I’m not sure if leagues worse is accurate. Definitely shocking that a 7 year old game can look as good or better than a modern game but I feel everyone is over dramatic about the graphics in Gotham Knight because it is a bad game and people wanna hate it more

  • ReDeR_TV

    Ah the old gta v rain trick to make all the graphics mods look “realistic”. Turn off the rain in arkham and I doubt it will look as good as the new game

  • PogoConspiracy

    Been playing Gotham Knights a lot, and the right picture is definitely a biased, cherry picked photo to make it look boring.

    Also, I’m not saying Gotham Knights isn’t without issues, but did everyone forget the absolute dumpster fire that Arkham Knight was on release? They even pulled it off of store shelves a few weeks after it released.

    I don’t think there’s a perfect game out there that will please everyone, but from playing both of these titles at launch, I don’t care how good the game looks if I can’t play it, and I’ve gotten WAY less crashes on GK than I ever did playing AK. They’re both fun though, I dunno why GK is getting so much hate.

  • Dogstile

    Different game. Different studios. Different workers. Different budgets. Different constraints.

    Game developers aren’t 1 to 1 clones of eachother.

  • JayJ_20

    Sick of these posts of people who never played the game complaining about Gotham Knights. Aside from it’s technical issues it’s a very solid game.. 20-30 hours of superhero enjoyment. It’s like if the avengers game actually wasn’t a soulless cash grab. People just were upset they didn’t get their Arkham Knight 2. Comparison can be the thief of joy with the gaming community it seems.

  • VoodooStone

    It’s not worse, it’s different. Gotham Knights also has a lot more going on in it then Arkham Knight could even begin to process.

  • Castor_volk

    no, what’s actual insane is how often this shit get reposted like you’ve solved the enigma machine of “two different teams can have two different levels of quality. “

  • IntertelRed

    Gorham knights was a horrible experience but can we please understand what an art style is. The art isn’t the part of the game to criticize.

  • dlittlefair1

    Your whole post history is full of you trying to spark outrage that games are getting worse graphics than they did in the past by comparing apples to lemons, I really don’t know what you’re trying to achieve but it’s pathetic.

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