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It was finally time for a new controller (and console) after 8 years

It was finally time for a new controller (and console) after 8 years

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  • Crimsonclaw111

    My magenta controller is on its way out unfortunately (8 years or whatever of solid competitive play and everything else) but my favorite, the Lunar White controller, is still going strong!

  • AsianRainbow

    I believe the newer Xbox One controllers still work for the Series X so I’d save it just in case if I were you. I absolutely hate the XSX controllers, gone through 2 of them already and my 3rd one’s already starting to deteriorate.

  • decrementsf

    Wild. By creating life instead that child would be 8 years old today. You’d have two controllers and a mimic of yourself to be best buds with. Like with people having fun playing a videogame, you only hear from the people with complaints in the game forums. Children are the same. Those having fun are busy having fun and you only hear the complaints. Doing my part to fix that imbalance.

  • FrobroX

    I actually just replaced my bumpers and thumbsticks on my Xbox One controller a month ago.

    If it’s just your thumbsticks that are worn down, cheap enough to replace those and keep the top controller going.

  • TheLightsChampion

    Impressed you didn’t get drift before then. I feel every platform has major quality control issues for drift.

    I buy a controller to replace my controller with drift and after it passes the 3 month warranty, the drift begins.

  • sirhcx

    I senserly hope that we get a successor to the Volcanic Shadow. It was my favorite limited edition color but my shell is in rough shape after 3 hardware swaps.

  • themagicbong

    Haha havent seen another xbox controller that has spots where hands have worn through the color on the plastic, like mine. Though mine has a bigger spot, and its on both sides, lol. Have that silver/black “phantom black” controller and you can basically look straight into where the motor is that does the vibration on the right side. And can also see it a bit on the left side, too. But weirdly still not really having many issues with it at all.

  • Appropriate_Shock556

    That red controller can go through hell I’ve smashed mine up pretty good the back grip sticks off the controller a bit and it has a rattle but it still works years later

  • No_Interaction_4925

    There is no way an xbox analog stick lasted more than 2 years. When I still played Rocket League quite a bit the sticks only lasted 6 months.

    PS4 controller lasted 2 years and I only had to replace the internal battery to keep it going

  • Jerryelizo

    Xbox controllers are the best for me. One big reason why I prefer xbox. If my friends weren’t of PS, I would have gone xbox too. There are so many color options, not to mention their elite controller is great.

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