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Is it our fault the way games are nowadays?

Is it our fault the way games are nowadays?

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  • RSwordsman

    Back in my day extra content was called “expansion packs” and they were sizable additions to the game. Makes me wonder if current DLC/MTX is about equal in terms of cost per unit of fun.

  • RomanceDawnOP

    not one AAA game ive played has ever told me that, most games in the last 5 years ive purchased have been great (including quite a few of the best games i’ve ever played), maybe check what games your buying? i dont get what the fuck kinda games ppl keep playing because i see this complaint everywhere

  • FloridaDirtyDog

    I ain’t never bought a seasons pass or cosmetics ina game so dont blame me, i make fun and team kill everyone i see with a bought skin so I’m doing my part! What are you doing OP? Huh? What are you doing for cosmetics

  • mrhippoj

    What game is this? People complain about this stuff but I literally never see it in games I play. If you’re seeing this in all your games then your bullshit detector needs work

  • Aware_Department_540

    Well yeah every gamer has bitched about a dollar price increase in their hobby since 1992. It only JUST went from $60 to $70 for a AAA game. That took 30 years

    AND HOW MANY DEAD STUDIOS I will never not be mad about Quintet

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