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Is it an immersion thing or an optometry thing?

Is it an immersion thing or an optometry thing?

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  • HappysavageMk2

    They are likely playing on 4k tvs which depending on size, requires you to sit closer to the TV than if you were playing in 1080p TV.

    This is in order to get the full viewing benefits of 4k

  • Gymnastboatman

    It must be a psychological thing from being told not to sit so close to the TV as a kid and now its my TV and **I’ll sit wherever I want, MOM**

  • UnseenHand81

    Its a resolution thing, the higher the resolution the closer the optimal viewing distance, think about blowing a 480p picture up to 86 inches, how far back you’d need to sit before the picture looked clear. This is why as resolution goes up, so does panel size, resolution increase is no longer about a better picture quality, its about being able to have the same quality on a bigger screen at the same viewing distance.

    Google the optimal viewing distance for a 4k 86″ television, you’ll be shocked how close it is.

  • PM_Me_OCs

    I’ve always been able to play games from really far from the TV, I guess. When I was gaming the most, we had a really long living room, somewhere between fifteen and twenty feet wall to wall. With how the room was setup, the farthest seat on the couch was in the neighborhood of ten feet away. Never had a problem.

    But I’ve also got really good vision.

  • Ablegamer

    immersion for me mostly, I do not want any reality interfering with my escape from it.
    Also helps in FPS when you can shoot the enemies head that is only the size of 1 pixel.

  • roroxdadmjt54

    i did it because i thought it was easier to see things in detail, then i realized my vision was really fucked up and i actually needed glasses

  • Cyorg13

    I’m nearsighted, so I kinda have to stay 1-3 feet close to the TV. I mainly play on my PC right next to my monitors though.

  • HarryCoinslot

    Why would anyone want to sit far away from it? No one questions sitting right on top of a computer. I’ll play best sitting closer to a small TV.

  • TheSpitfire93

    My eyesight is too shit to read the tiny tooltips and I refuse to get glasses because it feels like I would be giving into my age.


    I yell at my son for standing too close to the TV all the time, we have a 75″ TV no reason to stand 5 feet away from it.

  • BlueInfinity2021

    Most of us have probably heard one of the myths that sitting too close to a TV will make you go nearsighted or blind or will harm your vision in some way.

    It doesn’t permanently harm your vision but can sometimes cause eye strain or fatigue requiring you to take a break.

    I sit close because of the immersion and because I don’t have to put on a pair of glasses like I would if I sat 7 or 8 feet away.

  • Grove-Of-Hares

    I used to always sit closer with our 42” from 2011, but with the new 4K 55” I can finally play on the couch in comfort. I can understand both sides—My eyesight is great, so sitting further works for me. Now, hearing things, that’s an issue…

  • GorgeGoochGrabber

    You just have to sit closer to truly see the 4K. Unless your screen is properly massive.

    Optimal viewing distance for a 65” 4K screen is about 5’ most people’s couches are further than 5’ from the screen.

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