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I’ll die on this hill

I’ll die on this hill

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  • smokeymccrackpiped

    It was far too long but I did enjoy it. What I didn’t like is the characters being so unlikeable and mass murderers. It’s fine when you’re killing infected but when you murder 100s of people … because? It’s kind of dumb, by which I mean really dumb.

  • DonKong569

    Ok, that is fine. I have serious gripes with the game, but i shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it. I’m happy that you liked what I couldn’t. All I ask is that you make the attempt to be happy for others enjoying things you don’t. I know it’s pretty hard, but I believe you can do it

  • bathinginneon

    The story was the biggest slap in the face to me. Gameplay and visuals were great. Doesn’t come close to leaving the impact that the first game did.

  • One_Entertainment381

    I love how both sides of the argument are getting an equal amount of downvotes on this post 😂 it’s a warzone out here.

  • Chuck_Deeze

    The way Joel died disconnected me from the game. It was like they were trying to emulate that moment when his daughter died on the first one. Had his death been setup more, I would’ve been for it. After that, it became a murder quest. Survival went out the window. Those poignant moments were missing in TLOU 2. Good game nonetheless.

  • CupcakeValkyrie

    I watched a streamer play through it. The gameplay seemed pretty fun but I found the fact that the game required you to commit heinous acts and then tried to make you feel bad about it felt a bit forced.

  • funWITHfoulplay

    Good for you? You’re allowed to like the games you like. Personally, I thought part 2 was absolutely a huge letdown. The story as a whole felt completely forced, the dynamic didn’t even feel normal, the actual game play drug on, it was supposed to be very open style game but was insanely point to point and linear. All in all, I thought it was average at best. But I know people who loved it. I really liked Ghost of Tsushima, but a lot of people didn’t. I think your more than okay liking last of us part 2.

  • DarknessEnlightened

    I don’t even care about how it relates to the first game or anyone’s sexuality or gender. Everyone was an unlikable jerk and nothing worthwhile happened.

  • Muzzy637

    Without knowing anything about this game, this meme makes me confident that Deep Rock Galactic should have won GOTY 2020.

    For Rock and Stone!

  • AdStunning2459

    The ending sucks. You slaughter countless people to get to one person only to not kill them simply because,

    “Revenge bad, forgiveness good 😊 👍”

    All the terrible shit you had to do was for nothing

  • kokko693

    Can’t relate. PC.

    I will never buy a PS, and so I will never play those games.

    I would maybe consider it if they stopped making new consoles every f*cking years..

  • shuddupayouface

    Great game but the enviorment could have been a little more interactive and less linear- def not open world/sandbox it would have been nice if every level needed a map to fet through etc. I have high hopes for part 3.

  • KhaoticKid98

    The very first time i played through TLOU 2 my first thought was “What the actual fuck?”

    The joel situation seemed like a cop out and then whole revenge driven plot was kind of annoying.

    I thought the gameplay was cool, the way they showed how both playable characters’ stories kind of came together. But at the end the whole theater thing and then the very last part, it just seemed like there was no payoff.

  • HittemWithTheLamp

    Abby killed Joel, I didn’t like playing as Abby and couldn’t find it in me to care about her character arc in the slightest. Got bored very fast

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