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if you could reboot the dark universe how would you do it?

let’s be real the dark universe is a utter travesty of a feature with its many [revisions to how it starts and to the changes its “first” outing had]( it was a mistake through and through though what if you could try again

go back to the drawing board since as i think their halloween horror night universal monster mazes kinda show some good ideas to how you could right the wrong this made



since these kinda show a good way to revitalize the concept while still keeping to its roots (since while the dark universe failed due to the mummy it had some good ideas for its future like a bride of frankenstein story that kinda points out that “if rich people learned about frankensteins experiments they probably would try to use it to live forever”


like there was good ideas on the paper it just failed badly due to some changes that turned its 1st true outing into even more of a action film because of its main lead desiring to completely rewrite the script to make him the mummy and undermining the actual mummy in the film



like halloween horror nights oddly enough has a good idea to make a interconnected horror verse and those things make people like me desire it to become [a actual movie](


so those are my thoughts on the matter how would you reboot the dark universe if you had the ability to

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  • sweet_sweet_can

    Either give the whole franchise to A24 so they can reimagine all those monsters like that recent Invisible Man movie, or you make mid-budget black and white remakes of all the films that still take place in the 30s, 40s, and 50s with lots of practical makeup, staging and effects.

  • Ruin-Known77

    I feel like when you’re first trying to establish a “cinematic universe” you’re first priority should not actually be to establish a cinematic universe but rather to have 1 good stand-alone film to work as an anchor to build off of. Iron Man 1 was what laid the foundation for the rest of the MCU. Then you had Thor 1 and Captain America 1, both of which weren’t great, but were at least okay and still worked as standalone films. Only once that groundwork was laid did Marvel start building a shared universe.

    Of course, nowadays the MCU is a twisted mess, but if you do back to the beginning, there are definite lessons to be taken from it.

    That’s basically how you want to do it. Gradually introduce new characters and build a larger world, don’t rush it.

  • mormonbatman_

    I imagine these as sequels to Universal’s 1999 Mummy film and/or Touchstone’s Rocketeer movie.

    Small scale. Pulpy, sexy, gory, fun.

    Option 1:

    It’s 1934. [Character]’s son/daughter or niece/nephew is discovered murdered in Targoviste. He travels there to recover their body and bring it home. When he arrives the body is missing.

    He retraces their steps and finds out that they were working under OSS cover to coordinate the efforts of Communist/Jewish partisans to kill a Nazi official. The Nazi is Dracula. Dracula has turned [Character]’s family member into their thrall. [Character] has to carry out the mission. Their family member outlives Dracula with dhampir powers.

    Option 2:

    It’s 1936: [Character] is contacted by a family member. Their loved/partner has gone missing in the East African rainforest. He travels to meet family member and discovers they were following leads looking for uranium in competition with various teams from Japan, Germany, Russia, and the USA.

    [Character’s] family member has an ancient map that led to a lost city/Atlantis that guarded a source of unimaginable power. Team [Character] goes into the jungle and finds the loved and the remaining members of these teams who have been attacked by the surviving Atlanteans who are gillmen. The lover betray them to the Nazis. Team [Character] destroys Atlantis to prevent its power from falling into the Nazi’s hands. The lover is carried away by horny gillmen.

    Option 3:

    It is 1939: London is wracked by the Blitz. British intelligence asks [character] to investigate a series of bizarre murders that appear to be the work of a wild animal.

    [Character] discovers that a Germans attempt to drop a commando squad of literal werewolves into London ahead of Barbarossa was partially foiled when their plane was shot down, but one commando survived and is wreaking havoc in the city. [Character] hunts it down and discovers it is a young conscript who just wanted to go home.

    Option 4:

    It is 1942: a group of Commonwealth desert rats led by [Character] are fighting a running battle with Nazis in the desert outside the ancient city of [City name]. The Nazis unleash and are consumed by mummies. The desert rats partner with the human guardians of the city to prevent the mummies from devouring the western world.

    Option 5:

    It is 1944. A group of Commonwealth soldiers and American rangers must work together with Filipino troops to confront and defeat an aswang in real time.

    Option 6:

    It is 1944. A wounded veteran from the 761st tank division comes home to Oak ridge, TN to recuperate. He must confront the trauma of war and life in a sundown county when discovers a sheriff/posse who uses the ability to become invisible to do terrible things.

  • superthrowguy


    Why would you?

    The problem is it’s IP in search of money. It’s a series of classic monsters which have no link, which they wanted to tie together to promote box office synergy and make a ton of money.

    The best mummy movies were the goofiest ones. Just go back to that, make a lighthearted “dark universe” with individually gold and accessible movies… With a genuine and accessible heart. Then link them together with hints and gestures. But by God never make them into The Avengers or whatever. That formula just doesn’t work out of context.

  • thebigeverybody

    Make a handful of good movies that interests you in an extended universe down the line.

    Instead, they did the opposite: make a shitty movie that served as an ad for an extended universe that had never given you enjoyment and seemed to be the brainchild of people who don’t care about good movies, only about bringing an extended universe into existence to get your money.

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