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I would give up amazing graphics for smoother gameplay

After playing Jedi Survivor I wanted to see if I was alone in wanting to give up on having the most amazingly realistic graphics and game mechanics if we could just have good smooth gameplay with no frame rate issues and little to no loading screens. It would also help with development time. I’m ok missing out on a few shots in the game saying “Wow! That looks pretty.” If it means I can get to play the next game in the series before I’m in a retirement home.

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  • MidPackRacer247

    I know I’m making something of a generalisation here, but it’s kinda the Nintendo way.
    They have never claimed to give you the best graphics in the world, but they deliver games with fantastic gameplay and storylines. Been damn successful with it too

  • lickarock88

    Well, instead, nowadays, we give up both amazing graphics and gameplay for shit games filled with microtransactions and launchers that don’t work half the time.

  • OrangeYawn

    Iv been so dissapointed in gaming for the last few years because of this.

    Games aren’t doing anything in terms of gameplay we haven’t been doing since ps2/360.

    All these new games are using this universal formula and all feel the same except they look amazing.

    Give me PS2 graphics back if it means games are fun to play again.

    Dead Island 2 for example. Shit took 8 years and 2 console generations later, they somehow removed features(no driving even tho 360 had it lol), there’s no effort.

    These aren’t art anymore, they are products with deadlines, the important part is to get it “done” and release it. No matter if it’s not done, if it’s bad, they get paid then move on to do it again.

  • -DementedAvenger-

    I’m the opposite. I love pretty graphics and I don’t play fast-paced shooters or whatever. I’m perfectly fine with 30fps. Been playing HFW, GoW And Jedi at 30.

  • LawrenceStroIl

    Yeah for sure. But there’s a line. I think for non eSports games, after around 75fps I’d start increasing graphical fidelity.

  • asunamyag

    I don’t care about the frame rate but the load times make a huge difference, at least in games where you reload frequently. I’d happily trade graphics for instant respawns.

  • claud2113

    Dude, same.

    When I first got my PS5 and continued Ghost of Tsushima from my PS4 file, seeing that sweet, sweet 60fps was like a whole new world.

  • Stargov1

    Me these past few years. Having a game look ultra realistic and show off the peak that hardware is capable of is great every now and then, but since literally every Triple A game looks like it, they all kind of just meld together into one samey looking blob.

    I wish the industry cared more about other areas than just improving on the graphics and cutscenes, like destructable environments and putting more enemies on screen, stuff like that that has just been kinda pushed to the side.

  • elkeiem

    100% with you.

    I have had a lot of fun with Tears of The Kingdom, but the performance is so bad it actually lowers my enjoyment a lot.

  • BigCommieMachine

    The irony of using a Bethesda game like Fallout for “smooth gameplay”. I mean their games are typically amazing, but their games typically have no polish and they just openly rely on the modding community to fix them before co-opting them and releasing it as some new edition.

  • [deleted]

    100 fucking percent every time.

    While amazing graphics can certainly enhance a good or great game. No game will be elevated by the graphics. Best graphics in the world wouldn’t make Red Fall any better.

  • MotorVariation8

    Graphics don’t need to be top notch to look good, it’s all about the art direction. Look at new zelda games, they are so pretty!

  • AXEMANaustin

    I would give up amazing graphics for good games again, sure there have been some great game releases too but a lot of it is overshadowed by corperate soulless games, i just wanna go back to how they were.

  • Spontanudity

    If you take all of the elements that make up a game: gameplay, graphics, sound, innovation, writing, atmosphere, playability, controls/feel, accessibility, optimisation etc etc – it baffles me that there’s still a mentality that ‘good graphics = good game’. It demonstrably doesn’t exist. You cannot coast a game on graphics alone.

  • Gloin23

    The number one advantage of pc for me is having so many game choices. Just don’t always go to AAA games, indi game can be far better for your taste in game.

    It s sad to say but indi or small studio can’t risk the backlash blizzard EA Ubisoft and other will absorb easily. Some will still fail but they tried, it s more that can be said about forspoken and other recent awfull launch.

    Ps: stop preordering, this is the only way sadly.

  • tripps_on_knives

    Graphics never matter to me. I’ll take gameplay and stability all day every day.

    As long as it’s fun that is all that matters to me.

    It makes me genuinely recoil everytime a new game comes out and people inevitably start comparing “next gen” graphics to previous gen graphics. I’m just here thinking, “first time huh?”

  • TheLukeHines

    But they need all those Reddit posts of a still image of the main character overlooking scenery off a cliff to sell copies! Frame rate doesn’t matter for those!

    I remember feeling like it was really dishonest when I first heard a game (I think spider-man?) loaded higher-res textures when you entered photo mode, so all the photos being posted around at launch made the game look nicer than it actually was during gameplay.

  • Piemaster113

    But if game companies aren’t pushing the edge on graphics then how will Graphics card companies convince you you need to upgrade?

  • Zjoee

    Good art style > good graphics

    I’ve been gaming practically since I was born in 91. Graphics have never been a deal breaker as long as the gameplay was fun. I don’t need everything to be hyper realistic in 4k at 60fps to be fun.

  • MottyTheClown

    Yeah, totally agree. I never understand why game companies and developers are so obsessed with realistic graphics instead of focusing on good art styles and simple but fun game mechanics.

  • quickmick_99

    i hate the realistic graphics i loved and still do the way games looked back then for example with cod 1/2

  • Electric64

    I’ve all but given up on AAA games ever since I started thinking about this.

    If you are willing to give up on ultra realistic graphics in exchange for better gameplay or story then the indie scene is where it’s at.

  • PEPZ0010

    I remember when a dude was defending Gotham Knights for only running @30fps on console saying that the human eye isn’t capable of seeing 60fps so there’s no point in adding it in.

  • IntuneUser2204

    Everyone says this, but do they really mean it. When games come out with a great framework and just decent graphics we normally rake them over the coals for it. I remember Halo Infinite trying to have a more streamlined, less detailed look when they were exploring open world, and the community fought them tooth and nail that the open world had to mean no messing with the established graphical fidelity of the game.

  • Akindmachine

    I’m an older gamer and I have to say there are some incredible gems with pixel graphics and great gameplay. If you haven’t checked out CrossCode and like Zelda/action rpgs do yourself a favor.

  • HiTekLoLyfe

    I play a lot of older games and boomer shooters, bolt gun just came out thing runs and plays perfectly and the older art style is a boon. Stalker gamma is completely free, makes use of some modded modern amenities but looks beautiful in its older style and gets me 200+ frames. Ultrakill, hrot, cultic. So much can be done with a simpler graphical style. That’s not to say I can’t appreciate definition and realism but if it doesn’t play smoothly I won’t enjoy it.

  • Rising-Ark

    I’ve been saying this for years, yes let’s keep pushing the limits, but we need to stop this ridiculous focus on pushing for graphics. Game devs nowadays don’t give a rats ass about anything but graphics when they could improve the game 10 fold by focusing on other things

  • Mercurionio

    Survivor is more about weird technical bugs instead of optimisation. So, kinda bad comparison.

    Last of us though…

  • Digitalist_Matt

    More like if u have amazing graphics could u please optimize your game instead of me having to do it for u?

  • nicolasknight

    Playing Dark Forces 2: Jedi outcast right now because it has considerably smoother gameplay, better story and infesting characters.

    And no DRM.

  • ChiefSampson

    Downloaded Fallout New Vegas today. Couldn’t get my Nintendo pro controller to work with it to save my life. Tried the play it through steam route by adding a non steam game. Followed all the steps to set up the pro controller in steam. No joy sadly.

  • LoSouLibra

    Not an either or. Games still look amazing in 60 fps. The increased temporal resolution often actually makes it look far better, with greater clarity, whereas the 30 fps just seems blurry.

    Best thing they can do is keep texture quality high, utilize good filtering and aliasing, then dial down other effects from there and find low cost lighting solutions from the get go.

    In re: to your OP about Jedi Survivor, I think it’s almost there, but not quite. I really appreciate the game’s texture quality, and had to go with the 60 fps mode… which still wasn’t stable and still had a lot of screen tearing. Makes it jarring when you go into cut scenes at 30 fps. Even just cut scenes matching the framerate would improve the experience. I still need to get back to the game and see if it’s been improved. Game probably should have had a traditional non raytraced lighting model on consoles, and the PS5 version clearly didn’t make use of the Kraken stuff to shrink the filesize down. Back in the day, total conversions for platforms were a thing. Nowadays it’s one size fits all… and sometimes one size fits none.

    And yeah, I also have no excitement for this 5-8 years development cycle nonsense. It’s getting out of hand and seems like a colossal waste of global resources.

  • SpeedyMcNutt291

    Good game play and art direction will always be better over graphics. I think in alot of ways, graphics sort of peaked after 2013 or so. I mean yeah there are small incremental improvements but overall, how realistic does a video game need to be?

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