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I waited for the next gen patch before I shared my opinion on Cyberpunk. In my experience I honestly don’t understand the criticism. It’s actually one of the better games I’ve ever played. Love the world, characters, gameplay the visuals are amazing. Deus Ex and GTA fans should give it a go

I waited for the next gen patch before I shared my opinion on Cyberpunk. In my experience I honestly don’t understand the criticism. It’s actually one of the better games I’ve ever played. Love the world, characters, gameplay the visuals are amazing. Deus Ex and GTA fans should give it a go

I waited for the next gen patch before I shared my opinion on Cyberpunk. In my experience I honestly don’t understand the criticism. It’s actually one of the better games I’ve ever played. Love the world, characters, gameplay the visuals are amazing. Deus Ex and GTA fans should give it a go

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  • RedPepperJ32

    You didn’t see how bad it was on launch it traumatized us all. My guy literally pulled a pistol out of his head instead of a microchip. I put down the controller and just walked away

  • TheDarKnightly

    I actually had a similar experience when it first came out. I did have the privilege of playing it on a PS5, so my experience was better than most. But I’m playing through it again right now and I still love it.

  • ananananonomis

    I believe the main problem and cause of criticism for the game was the hype built around it before it released, to many people it was supposed to reach impossible levels of innovation and influence. Many people were lead to believe it was going to change the game space and change the type of games being made from now on and change gaming in general, but instead it was just a good game that had a lot of bugs, many of which were game breaking. On my first play through I put 80 hours on in less than a week(the hype) and then a bug where a main story character wouldn’t call me occurred because I pissed him off somehow and I was just stuck for eternity.

  • MalcEatsFood

    It’s a lot better now that it actually runs and they fixed some of the dumb stuff. It’s now pretty good. Not great, because some design choices were actually just bad. But pretty damn good.

  • SvennIV

    I wasn’t a fan of the way the combat felt like borderlands to me, but I got a mod that changed the combat and the actual game and story is fantastic. Some of the missions were very memorable. The map totally grew on me as well.

    I’ll probably replay it soon. The only things I really would like would be some more ambient noise in the downtown areas and the ability to fly cars. The city is so big to only experience from the ground!

    Definitely an underrated game when it came out.

  • SirCatsup

    Played day 1 and finished it without touching another game. The only game breaking glitch I saw was when they fixed a phonecall glitch with takemura. The patch Gave me the glitch lol. Loved the game and still play it. Love the world the vocabulary and slang used in dialog. Silver hand a great character. All in all I loved it even if the driving physics were hella weird on launch and it was a wee buggy. But personally I love the game glitches and the fun that ensues when you play with em.

  • Chicken_Sendies

    it was a mix of high expectations and launch bugs crippling peoples trust. its a shame because even when i bought it in febuary of last year it was in a relativly stable state on pc. its a relly good game if you dont go into it expecting futuristic gta 5; the free roan is meh but the story is S tier imho.

  • ItsJohnDoe21

    Best story of any RPG I’ve played, and the little touches in the current gen version make it all that much better, to me. Can’t wait for the DLC

  • Nose-Nuggets

    It’s not a bad game anymore.

    It’s still nowhere near the game we were promised, though. And sure, games not being what’s promised is par for the course. But, this was CDPR, the golden child, we had very high expectations from their promises.

  • J5893

    Theyve had over a year to get it right, so Im glad its got to a point that you cant understand the criticism. Im in no rush to play it but at some point Ill pick it up when a sale catches my eye. Hopefully it will be at its best by then.

  • Misjudged_Scrutiny

    Its really a good game, the problem was them releasing it to ps4 which was just not powerful enough – so it was really buggy, and then people became more aware of the bugs, so the few bugs that the pc version had got blown out of proportion, and by the time they had patched (most of) them, it was too late and they had a bad rep

  • Fine_Coyote_230

    I just got it on Xbox one, and it’s way better than I possibly imagined. Obviously the frame rate is pretty low, and if I zip across the city on a motorcycle the textures take 10 seconds to load in. But other than that I haven’t had any issues. Definitely no randomly flying vehicles or anything.

  • NiftyAlpaca12

    Idk. I found the gunplay to be super mundane and the world felt super empty except for well developed side quests and the occasional cool small ones. The cyborg ablities were mostly ass which sucks because they made it seem like it was gonna do some crazy shir. When they promised every npc having their own life to the npcs actually never leaving their spot killed the mood for me open world wise. The story was actually really good though so I played till the end. Will probably play through again to see how it has changed.

  • Banana-Beginning

    I’m sorry but before 1.5 it wasn’t compatible. The AI/pathfinding/combat was absurdly bad before this patch.

    There are a lot of small changes they’ve made in 1.5 that help create a much better experience.

  • GrandJuif

    Problem is all the lies, broken promises, false advertisement then it was a mess on console too. The hype didn’t helped especialy because the big crowd placed cdpr on a pedestal because of the great witcher 3 wich is overretaed. Yeah the game is better now and it make it good but it’s not what cdpr said it would be.

  • DonnerMcgregor

    “I waited over a year and paid 20% of the initial price to get a game and I don’t understand the criticism” You’re dumb as hell

  • planetidiot

    Deus Ex cyber abilities: see through walls. punch through walls. jump off buildings. turn invisible.

    Cyberpunk cyber abilities: health +5. evasion +1%. increase damage with spoon.

  • biscuity87

    I’m already annoyed at how much the main quests force you to stop playing… not only just cutscenes but straight up “you don’t get your gear, or your character” times. I just want to play the game.

    I don’t get a lot of the design choices in this game. Why can you only fast travel from certain spots to certain spots. Why not at least make it where you can fast travel from anywhere to one of the spots. Having to drive over 2 blocks accomplishes nothing. It’s not like in gta where you might have fun with the police or npcs. It’s just a waste of time.

    The map layouts are awful on multilayered roads. The GPS is straight up wrong a lot in general or goes off the road. Driving is boring.

    The looting and inventory system kind of sucks. I have like a thousand pointless food and drink items I’m never going to touch and they take too long to sell, and I don’t leave them on the ground because it’s easy to miss actual good loot if you don’t just spam pick up on everything.

    I’m constantly having full inventory on guns and armor and have to micromanage recycling them all over and over. I can’t favorite my load out so I have to carefully not recycle my stuff.

    The ammo system is almost totally pointless. Stealth is just crouching in this game-really boring. Most of the weapons feel horrible especially early on on harder difficulties. There are times you HAVE to use something like a pistol in a cutscene and it is like an extremely inaccurate peashooter. In most of those cutscenes (when you are hanging out the window) nothing you are doing even matters. The guys you are shooting at are invulnerable until a certain point and the car blows up.

    The actual skill point system is… ok. You can’t respec your base stats so if you choose poorly you are screwed. A lot of the talents are really bad or really boring.

    Now I’m to the point where even on the hardest difficulty my weapons are too ridiculously strong. The weapons being on a tiered “rarity” system is kind of pointless too.

    Making money is just buying components, making weapons and vendoring them for infinite profit. Not that there’s really anything to buy. You just need open slots on gear and then change out the mods in them.

    The hacking mini game is so boring. The story quests with the video playback theme were brutally painful.

    The game is “ok” in some respects but a total letdown on being anything to hype about.

  • Head_Maintenance_323

    played it around 50 hours, finished the story and never touched it again. The characters were uninteresting and unrelatable, the story was mostly boring and the fighting-system+skill-tree were also quite uninspired, I’m not gonna say they were bad by any means, just not unique or new in any way.

    None of these things automatically make a game bad, I just think that Cyberpunk is mediocre, I do agree that calling it terrible and unplayable is going too far but I also understand why people are still mad about what happened, this is completely different from what they advertised after all, even after all the bug-fixes.

  • spencerb21

    Most of the criticism is about day 1 glitches and the experience on the old gen. The game was unplayable on old gen.

    I didn’t have any game breaking glitches on my xb series x but I still didn’t love the game, 7.5/10 for reference. The world is beautiful and perfectly encapsulates a futuristic corrupt late-stage capitalist California. Characters were interesting and the voice acting was decent. However, I wouldn’t play it again and I even tried multiple times.

    Imo the game feels stiff, gunplay wasn’t the best, the ai was insanely dumb, numerous promised features were missing that I looked forward to (Apartments, car customization, etc) and the story while was great at sometimes had some holes in it. One of my biggest gripes was that the begining pathway choice, which they heavily advertised, means practically nothing except for some dialogue options and how you meet Jackie. Speaking of jackie we only knew him for 2-4 missions and his death (which was advertised in the trailers) leaves absolutely no impact. Instead they showed us a montage of our character with him that honestly that should of been in the game and not a cinematic. Moving on from the main story, the world felt very empty. There were only a handful of noteworthy side quests and not many to begin with. Overall I loved the concept, characters and atmosphere but the gameplay and story kind of fell through from me. I understand covid and time restraints were mostly to blame and I’m not disregarding that but this game needed 8months to a year to iron out the kinks.

  • thetalker101

    Most of the criticism came from 7 years of hype/expectations and the devs underdelivering from what they promised was going to be in the game. There was also a glitchy release and the major glitches weren’t solved for a while. I assume it’s a good game in a vacuum but the stated factors made a lot of people very angry about the game.

  • BakaNish

    My only issues with this game was the skills screen being an eyesore and how dead the world felt when walking around. Hope this patch fixed that.

  • Dan_at_RetroBIT

    Bruh, if you had a great experience… sick. That’s cool.

    But dont deny the fact the game was still broken in Patch 1.3 atleast the last time I checked. Sure, the next gen patch might have made it the best game but what the game did is not gonna be forgotten. We gotta treat it just like No Mans Sky. Awesome game, but still the fact that it came out bad should still be acknowledged. That is the only way we learn(yet here we are still pre ordering HFW and Elden Ring. Some people never learn).

    I am a huge fan of Deus Ex series but found this utterly disappointing. Open World that is empty, NPC’s T-Posing constantly in the background (this was funny and I chalked it as a Night City experience), Mission’s breaking, Panam not being able to ride a bike properly, the looting is shit just like a looter shooter, pointless crafting system, not even an RPG where your choice matters, combat that can be repetitive after the 50th time(you will be doing this a lot), a lack of focus on vehicles(I mean, how do you do a Cyberpunk open world game yet not explore vehicles?), side quests that are boring, and characters that are not that interesting(ffs, Jhonny Silverhand is only likeable because he was being played by Keanue Reeves, Judy and Panam are okay I guess).

  • wishfulthinker3

    Someone tell me their XP with the next generation patch. I played it day one on my PS4 and it kinda sucked. Has the cop system been fixed at all?

  • Chemical_Strawberry8

    Seems some people play cyberpunk and there are unlimited glitches that make it unplayable. And some people play it and have little to no issues. My experience, I beat the game and it was nothing special. Lots of glitches and limiting mechanics.

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