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I play for the realism.

I play for the realism.

I play for the realism. from gaming

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  • exOldTrafford

    What game is this?

    EDIT: Why are you all playing video games when clearly you should be out there doing stand-up comedy

  • TGlucose

    Had this happen to me in real life, I wish I could’ve thrown fists but I just stood there yelling “what the fuck is wrong with you!?”

    Edit: Since people seem to be getting a kick out of this I’ll share a weirder cleaning story I have.

    So I went to clean the men’s bathroom and there was only one person inside using the urinal, I’d seen him around town before as he’s a local homeless guy who’s a bit weird. So I ignored him and start cleaning until out of the reflection of the mirror I notice his arm moving a bit weird, I just stop what I’m doing, sigh and say “Sir, if you’re going to masturbate in here at least use the stall” The dude let out a gasp, all shook I said something. I don’t know if he finished up but he zipped up and walked over to the sinks to wash his hands, before he even starts washing he apologizes with a quiet “y’know I just had to do it” and tries to shake my hand. I’m just like “fuck that, no no. Wash your hands and next time use the stall, I understand if you gotta do it, but not in the fucking urinal, I ain’t washing that shit.”

  • iiEco-Ryan3166

    What the fuck is Arthur even doing? Looks like he’s either about to hurl, fall down, or is spitting bars

  • NineTailedDevil

    Rockstar has some really wacky AI for npcs, lmao. Still thinking of how police officers in GTA 5 can start shooting you if you literally just stand close to them for a few seconds doing nothing.

  • Balmung6

    Had an older lady I worked with like this. Girl in her 20s walked through the area she was mopping, despite being lightly fenced off with wet floor signs. Then she tried to do it again on the way back and the lady looked like she was going to hit her in the face with the mop.

  • Mister_Pibbs

    Remember when I first started the game. Was walking by a guy on a road and he said some slick shit so I’m like ok then let’s fight.

    10 seconds in and I realize I’m out matched. Dude is whoopin my ass. Mike Tyson Punch out bad. Then his friend comes out of the bushes. Not sure what he was doing. I decide to pull my gun. As I draw the guy that’s fight me grabs my hand and slaps the gun away. His friend promptly stabbed me to death.

    Most fun I had dying in any game ever.

  • izikiell

    Realism in RDR2 is everyone attacking you for no reason then the cop chasing you if you have the bad idea to defend yourself.

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