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I Painted My Cat In A Food Coma On A Hoodie [OC]

I Painted My Cat In A Food Coma On A Hoodie [OC]

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  • Ethereality420

    I use Marabu and Jacquars textile paints which are machine washable and are more durable than a normal direct-to-garment print. 🤍

  • diMario

    My cat thinks this is a nice painting. “In particular”, he explains, “the *two* opened 8 oz tins of Royal Canadian salmon in the foreground make for an interesting eye catcher.”

    “Furthermore”, his art critique continues (he studied Theoretical Physics at the University of Reykjavík but considers himself an artist these days), “There is the intriguing mega can in the background. One wonders what wonders that may contain. Perhaps Royal Canadian salmon? Alas, we shall never know.”

    I myself am not an art critic, but I like your painting too. The cat is happy, that much is obvious. He has a nice rug which he can call home, and a comfy cushion to rest his body against. And obviously he is well fed, although I doubt it was with Royal Canadian salmon. My cat has a bit of an obsession.

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