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I like Starfield, but I honestly wish they did better. Not to every interactions but at least the major ones. Here’s what I meant in comparison to 2020’s worst game

I like Starfield, but I honestly wish they did better. Not to every interactions but at least the major ones. Here’s what I meant in comparison to 2020’s worst game

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  • sophisticaden_

    Yeah, they’re really, really lagging in how they handle conversations and cutscenes. Everything about the implementation is jank.

    Especially how we’re first person, but the camera also sometimes cuts to other people in the conversation? So jarring and strange.

  • Deranox

    Nice going with the blurry post. If we were meant to see a good interaction with an npc a.k.a dialogue, you did a wonderful job showing us that. Graphics ain’t everything. At least Bethesda didn’t lie like CDPR did about its game.

  • NittanyScout

    For all its flaws, it’s the story and character moments in CP2077 that made the game great. Hard to compete tbh, the actors and animations went all out for the story beats

  • WrongSubFools

    I think you uploaded the wrong pic. You must have taken those shots at full resolution and wanted us to read the text, but we can read nothing.

  • juhachigou

    i, like others, purchased 2077 on release. to be honest, i thought it was great. i never experienced any game breaking bugs besides some crashes. despite that— great game and i can’t wait for 2.0.

  • kingsoho

    Pretty pathetic how many people are still angry and bitter about Cyberpunk. First, it’s just a video game. Second, it’s fantastic now (played it after the next gen update and it’s one of my favorite games) and – by all indications – will be even better after the update this week and expansion.

  • Merwanor

    Starfield is just very inconsistent with its visuals. Some locations looks incredible while others look very dated, but it is pretty much all due to its lighting. This is not exactly new with Bethesda games though, as their artists suck at lighting their own game. Which is evident when every game has had major lighting mods that makes the games look vastly better.

    It just always baffles me how like one person can relight

    But some of the interior scenes in Starfield looks really good, especially some of the ship habitats. Some of the Straus Eklund habitats have really nice lighting.

  • Syriak_

    I liked both.

    But Cyberpunk “feels” like a CDPR game. The Witcher in corpo dystopia.

    Starfield “feels” like a Bethesda game. Fallout in space.

    They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and are very different games.

  • Edgaras1103

    I don’t think how well realized, well written, well animated characters matter in an rpg.

    It’s how many potatoes you can fit in a room. That’s the next gen part

  • Mo0kish

    Making the camera lock dead center in front of the character speaking has been the standard for all Bethesda games. Interpersonal interaction isn’t something they’re really known for.

  • Tynda3l

    It’s the Bethesda problem with npcs.

    Since oblivion.

    They just stand there extremely awkward.

    Now they add animations, but it still feels artificial.

    Not like bg3 or cyp2077, those two really shine when it comes to the physical actions of npcs

  • JeffGhost

    The character model in Starfield is jarring.

    Faces look really good until they start talking and moving and it starts looking like animatronics lol

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