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I got the landlord special

I got the landlord special

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  • BodybuilderSpecial36

    Judging by that non-traditional colour, your landlord bought it off the mis-tint sale rack. Don’t worry, all that paint will be gone in a year along with the leaf!

  • Educational_Bus_9970

    I come across this kinda shit all the time at my job and I’m always thinking: “who the fuck paints without at leeaaaassst fucking sweeping” lmao wtf

  • DadsRGR8

    Camouflage in nature is mind-boggling. Here we see a rare land-dwelling manta ray perfectly disguised as a painted deck leaf. Notice how it’s barbed spine, or stem, points north indicating to any females in the area it is ready to mate.

  • Libriomancer

    Wow, never seen that shade in fall and I live where everyone vacations to see trees. It’s amazing your landlord found a paint that matches that unique shade.

  • DonZacVer

    Siegfried had slain a dragon and then bathe upon its blood to gain invulnerability but a single leaf had fallen upon his back whilst doing this. Thus he has a fatal weakness in this spot and had shared this knowledge to his friends and was later both figuratively and literally was stabbed in the back. I like your landlord’s modern take on that Germanic lore.

  • Aiku

    Many years ago, a contractor came in over the weekend to paint yellow safety lines in the warehouse.

    We came in on Monday to discover that they had literally painted over a dead rat in the process.

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