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I finally did it! I beat my first Souls game and I am so happy it was Bloodborne.

I finally did it! I beat my first Souls game and I am so happy it was Bloodborne.

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  • PhoenixTineldyer

    Very nice.

    I was like you last year. Now I only have Sekiro and DS3 left and they have kinda ruined other video games for me. They’re just so damn good.

  • yossaa

    Bloodborne is the only souls i have not beaten, Been waiting for it on pc for year, but gz from what i heard bloodborne is alot of people fav! What do you got next in the list?

  • TooManyKeys91

    I absolutely adored this game. Overall time spent, was 37 hours in total. Will eventually do a NG+ and the DLC

    In those hours spent, all the optional bosses were defeated, and that also includes the secret ending as well. And I only beat the first Chalice Dungeon. Not sure if I’ll do the rest on subsequent playthroughs though.

  • nguyenlinhgf

    Congratulation, Bloodborne was also my first Souls game that I finished, after that I beat Sekiro & current playing DS3 but Bloodborne is still my most favourite, if they ever remaster the game, it’d be a free 60/70 dollar from me.

  • Craigothy-YeOldeLord

    Only ever played Demon Souls seriously and got half way through, some of you gamers are made of tougher stuff than I am lol. Congrats

  • PimpmyPride

    Bloodborne was my first too, and it took me years of intermittently picking it up and trying to get past father gascione. Once I beat him randomly out of sheer luck I couldn’t put the game down. Then I got a masochist high and went and beat dark souls 3 and elden ring back to back to back over a period of two months. Great games each and every one of them.

  • PalebloodSky

    Well done Hunter! Bloodborne is my favorite of all the 7 Souls games (username should check out).

    *Here we stand, feet planted in the earth, but might the cosmos be very near us, only just above our heads?*

  • FEzio78


    I used to hate the game back in 2017 (yes it was skill issue) but in 2021 start playing the game again and now it’s one of my fav games lol

  • Flamesclaws

    Bloodborne was my first Souls game. Got gangbanged by twenty fuck faces in the first area and put it down for months, came back one day and really got into it and completed it. Then I bought the dlc. Bloodborne will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to a series that sometimes wants to make me throw my console out a window. Super fucking excited for Lies of P, currently playing Steel Rising because I fucked up and completed the main game and got locked out of the dlc. It’s honestly a really fun game though.

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