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I can’t be the only one.

Looking to learn if there are indeed other players that invert their controls. Exspecially for Spider-Man 2 PS5.

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  • arci93

    This is a very interesting article: [Article](

    I’d depends on where you place yourself with respect to the game character. The article suggests: it’s either habit and/or
    “From a cognitive perspective, players who don’t invert are ‘acting as’ the avatar, with movement/steering originating from between the avatar’s eyes, controlling the camera,” says Dr Jennifer Corbett, a lecturer in psychology at Brunel University London’s Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience. “Players who invert are ‘acting on’ the avatar, with the controls either behind or on top of the head controlling the avatar.”
    So one way of interpreting this could be that the non-inverters are fully inhabiting the avatar as a body, while the inverters are controlling it as a vehicle”

  • Minimum_Cockroach233

    I can only play with Y inverted. I early adapted to flight simulators and can’t wrap my head around for games, that don’t offer this option.

  • enjoysbeerandplants

    I honestly can’t even think of which way I prefer. I just know that there are times when default is right, and others where I start playing and am just like, “nope,” and immediately change it. I wanna say I play inverted.

  • ALzZER

    I always invert Y when using a controller but not when using a mouse.

    I guess it depends on whether you perceive it as moving the reticle/cursor or moving the character itself.

    I’m old as shite, so inverted was the default for me as a bairn & just feels more natural to me on a stick. Probably thanks to playing a lot of crude, untextured 3D flight sims at ~15FPS in my youth (although it’s not really the same, as X axis is ‘roll’ in a flight sim).

  • nderperforminMessiah

    No insomniac decided to add certain options just targeting one dilutedmarbles.
    I only got 2x antialiasing, I don’t even know what that means

  • Honestas-ante-omnia

    I can ONLY play with my Y axis inverted. Non inversion feels like blasphemy to me. Honestly, it’s the best way to play!

  • EmilieEverywhere

    One of my fav genres in the 80s and 90s was space flight Sims (and Sims in general) Star Raiders on the 2600, F/A 18 hornet on the Amiga, various Wing Commanders, Privateer, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, XvT, on and on.

    From Wolfenstein and on for some reason FPS was always arrow keys to move/turn, space for fire. This worked until Duke 3D. I’d still win on Kali lobbies but not all the time. Then came Quake. I could not win, so I spent a week just running around empty maps until I could keep my aim level with the ground or stairs. And never once did it occur to me to NOT invert.

    ‘I’m just piloting a body’ was how I thought. It felt natural and put me in the game. I’m fact I don’t remember any early game that supported mouse look not allowing for inversion (Rise of the Triads maybe?)

    I’m convinced that those early devs played the same games we all did and all thought like me. I remember an EGM where one of the reviewers said most of the staff inverted, and devs should just make it default. I think it was the dude with a Ninja Avatar.

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