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I Built a Castle in Fallout 4!

I Built a Castle in Fallout 4!

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  • SurrealKarma

    Are your builds on one save, or do you have to separate them?
    Figure the engine can only handle so many assets.

    Edit: Was this a controversial question? Lol

  • the_grass_trainer

    Wait… What? I never put much time into the settlements aspect of the game, so i had no idea this was a thing.

  • atakenmudcrab

    I’m sure the tour would be at a nice 5 fps so we can really take in every detail… lol seriously though how’s the performance?

  • lol_camis

    I wish. I’m still struggling to figure out how to remove my build limit. The official mods that you can download within the games menu don’t work (although the game still recognizes that I tried and won’t let me get achievements) and I’m not able to find a version of Nexus mod manager that works

  • Frosted_underscore

    I don’t know much about fallout, but a castle is a castle. And that is one very nice looking castle. 11/10

  • Ban-Hammer-Ben

    I’m so sad that I can no longer restore my digital purchase of fallout 4. I was really wanting to do some base building again recently.

    It’s safe to say I’ve learned my lesson, digital downloads are no guarantee of your own property being returned to you lol

  • Llulex

    If you have the know how, any chance you could upload your save so we could download it and explore the area you’ve created?

  • Necromas

    I can’t wait until we have a game like Fallout or Skyrim that not only lets us build crazy settlements like this but actually lets us make them feel alive with better NPC integration and dynamic quests that aren’t just random bandit attacks.

  • RoyOConner

    I just downloaded Fallout 4. I think I started it back when I first got a PS4 but for some reason didn’t get into it.

    I’ve played 3 and NV, and I’m a weirdo who liked 3 better, but I plan on revisiting NV as well.

    Should I play through 4? Is it worth it?

  • Smonkito

    Bruh, this is giving off Sen’s Fortress vibes. Feels like there’s some giant axe traps, salamanders and precarious footing in it. Then a giant robot boss at the very end.

  • Hazardbeard

    I can’t even build a shack wall around my settlements that doesn’t look like levitating, overlapping dogshit with gaps in it.

  • YesOrNah

    Just started this game for the first time. About to cross the bridge to red rocket tonight.

    Any tips for my playthtough?

  • Longjumping-Act5684

    I got so lazy with building I did the bare minimum. For example I built one huge building just regular rectangle. And I just put sleeping bags on the floor 😅 for pretty much all the settlements. 👌

  • EvulOne99

    A spoiler, so this is for those of you who are done with the main quest;





    Do you want the biggest fight in the whole game? This is what I did, on my first visit.

    Load a game from before the first visit to the Institute.
    Shoot the… old man (do iiit!), immediately after he is done talking. Just blast that head off!

    Shoot everyone, clearing out the Institute (when you play this for real, there are lots of quests here, no matter which faction you will chose to side with, so this is just for fun).

    Go back towards your portal.

    Now, the fun begins!
    See that red line filling up the front of your compass? Bad guys aplenty are waiting! Save!

    I charged right up to them, blasted off three nukes up the stairs (quicklaunch ftw!) aaaand… my computer froze.

    I sat there in disgust, sipping my coffee, wondering if I should go to bed to get three hours of sleep, or play more and then go to work, when there was a movement!
    It was like I’d stepped forward… an inch.
    Then, another.
    My exp-meter jumped a bit…. after my computer was done, calculating all that damage dealt, things were happening;

    I leveled up. And again. And again. 10 levels! I would NOT have survived that fight without backpedaling throughout the complex, I thought!
    After wading through the bodies, I reloaded to try to fight them.
    And save, just for the hell of it.

    That, or give in to your inner demon and fight them. That fight was so much fun!

    Well, then you need to reload, erasing all that, but I hoped that at least the old man knew what I did… before letting him walk away.
    If nothing else, it’s a great way to see if those highest settings will be a smooth ride for the rest of the game. I didn’t have any lags, except for that big booom, but it was like running into a brick wall, my cpu later said.

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