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How not to design an inventory (by Starfield)

How not to design an inventory (by Starfield)

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  • Active-Loli

    Yeah its so fucking stupid. There is even a fucking hotkey where you can inspect the item in fullscreen. There is NO fucking reason for having to waste most of the screen on this useless model.

  • Paynder

    I have so many complaints abouts the game and the inventory wasn’t one of them. Until now, just realised you’re right, I never know if I should look in the left or in the right

  • WhatEnglish90

    So you are given all the info you need and we get a cool close-up model of the item? Why, just why are you complaining? I would hate if it was reversed with all of that text of the specs to be giant on screen and the actual item I picked up a tiny model.

    This has visual appeal plus gives me all the necessary info on the item.

  • Puzzleheaded-Mix2545

    I think it’s important to note that you can like a game and enjoy it while still recognising that the UI design isn’t perfect.

    Objectively there are a whole bunch of UI/UX issues with the game, and a lot were in other Bethesda games.

    It’s probably also worth noting that some of these things might be compromises for controllers. In an ideal world they would make one UI for controller navigation and one for keyboard and mouse.

  • Mahoney20x6

    You make a fair point.

    I’d argue… but I can’t. And that makes me mad because it’s the only purpose for Reddit…. to argue! 🙂

  • RandomDumbass10143

    Granted, I do find the UI design counter-intuitive, but not for this reasoning.

    The aesthetic font choice, and egregious space within the labeling itself could be cut down more, and refined into a more pleasing sight. But it was by design to maintain the aesthetic of “NASA”…

    Just sad they didn’t evolve it further into something more.

  • SnowOrShine

    Also a lot of useless space within each useful section IMO

    Like it doesn’t need to be completely packed to the gills, but you could easily fit double the number of items in the left column there

    Or like, tell me what kind of thing each one is? A little icon saying whether it’s a healing item or a buff or ammo or just something that is 100% junk so I can visually parse without having to open it and move my eyes to the right of the screen

    Ya know… extremely basic 101 level UI design things

  • MMOSimca

    Wow, there’s a crazy number of apologists for a genuinely bad inventory screen here.

    Here’s an easy fix they could have done to make it wildly better: extend the left side of the menu by ~50%, shrinking the item preview very slightly. This would make it so that items would take up 1 row with their name instead of 2, nearly doubling the amount of items you can see in your inventory at once. Additionally, with the extra space in the bottom section of the left panel, they could add Ship Mass so you didn’t have to waste an extra button press.

    Bam, it’s improved and there’s no downside. It even flows better text-wise because you don’t have to word wrap.

    You’re allowed to love the game and still think the UI is terrible. These aren’t mutually exclusive opinions.

  • CLPisthebestflavor

    Dude, you’re a bit late to the party on this. Just about every Bethesda inventory UI for the past . . . fifteen years? Has been exactly this, just with different coats of paint. If anything, this is at least uncluttered, so a marginal improvement.

  • IrrelevantLeprechaun

    I literally don’t see a problem??? It’s perfectly usable and all the info I need is right there.

    I genuinely think people like you just trawl through forums to try to find shit to whine and moan about. You’re probably all /r/PS5 regulars and are just mad.

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