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How most people feel about Ashton Kutcher currently:

How most people feel about Ashton Kutcher currently:

How most people feel about Ashton Kutcher currently:
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  • PanikSwitch074

    This guy was just sharing his opinion about a long friend he used to know people seem to forget that he fights sex traffickers freely on his own will even though he can get killed

  • k3llb3ll

    Just gotta put this out there for the ‘good friend’ people.

    Good friends let their friend get punished for wrong behaviour so they become a good person.

  • HalcyonEnder

    Some of these comments are WILD. So if a life long friend let’s say, was convicted of raping your daughter, or sister…it would be fine to write a letter to help them??? Unreal.

  • ThaWaterGuy

    Truly just curious… I understand why Kutcher is getting ripped (deservedly so) but why does Mila Kunis get a pass for a very similar letter? She said Masterson was “an outstanding role model and friend.”

  • DuduWarthog

    We can’t make personal private relationships part of cancel culture.

    Forcing people to accept as a norm to just wake up and abandon/banish close and intimate people due to peer pressure or trending cause or issue is absurd.

    What will be the use of family and intimate friends?

    Will just atomize society… everyone on their own ready to attack or abandon whatever the mobs and matrix decide.

    Consensus on banishing evil peoole and deeds is not permission to dictate private relations/opinions of individuals.

    No matter how misguided their personal opinions or decision to stick to their intimate friends might be.

  • poofish_10

    I couldn’t care less about any celebrity or their opinions, or anyone’s opinion about a celebrity or any other combination of those words

  • MathewRicks

    If there’s anything I’ve learned about Hollywood, it’s that you don’t dare fuck with Scientology. They will literally kill you.

  • kynthrus

    I dunno man, you can say what you want, but I have sympathy for Ashton and Mila. After the victims the betrayal they must feel immense. Danny himself should rot in hell and die of gonorrhea.

    Whichever one of you fucks reported me for “self harm” to harass me should also go find a cool seat in hell.

  • Stryker2279

    Thing is, I feel like any smart person would look and say “well no shit he was a great guy for you and a wonderful friend, you weren’t his target” and kinda just take the letter and say “well, when he wasn’t being a rapist he was pretty cool, but that doesn’t make the raping less awful”

    Like I feel like the reaction should be more like “cool story bud, I’m glad he didn’t rape you or Mila, but this guy still raped people, so he belongs in jail.” And not this “ew, he wants rapists to go free” or whatever. I know that it isn’t exactly what everyone is saying but like damn, the reaction Ashton is getting you would think that Danny had zero positive qualities, when the reality is you can be an evil person and do good stuff, or be a good person and do evil stuff.

    If anything this letter is just as much speaking to Danny’s character as it is Ashtons, basically saying “I wasn’t friends with him because he was rapey, I was friends because he was cool, and then he did rapey shit.”

  • Franko_Magic

    Whatever affection I had for Ashton Kutcher was lost when he took over on Two and a Half Men.. that show was complete garbage and deserved to die abruptly once Charlie Sheen was finally dumped by the industry as a whole.

  • Kleck8228

    Honestly based off the information the public has, knowing that all Ashton Kutcher did was be a character witness for a long time friend. This whole post screams OP thinks they are clever but they are dumber then a box of rocks.

    You are most certainly the only douche here.

  • Enter_ObZen

    I don’t get why Ashton kutcher is getting all the flak here, bearing in mind Billy Baldwin, Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Jo Rupp, Kurtwood Smith all wrote character references as well

  • Ddc203

    He’s done a lot, A LOT, more than most celebrities to combat human trafficking. The fucked up irony of his mentor being a rapist is just… like how do you process that? How do you reconcile that?

  • inevitable-betrayal

    Ashton mentioned Danny’s work with 9/11 firefighters in his letter, where he was helping to get them payouts for their injuries, except he wasnt doing that, he set up a scientology centre for them where they were told to stop taking their prescriptions, put them through weird trials in super hot sauna rooms then refused to call actual medical professionals when there was a medical emergency.

    He literally took these vulnerable firefighters and tried to strong arm them into scientology, he’s a POS along with the rest of his cult.

  • youdingusdungus

    Do people seem to forget Kutcher donates/created a sex traffic defence/whatever it is, doesn’t anyone else find it a little weird he would write a char reference?

  • Patrik-

    So let me see if I understand this correctly. He is being asked to give his point of view of his friend – which he obviously hold in high regard (his own subjective opinion) which he shares with the courty – and he is being criticized for having a positive opinion on Danny?

    This fucking society man. I understand that Danny is a piece of shit, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a good friend and someone who people consider to have a good character. Ashtons simply giving his version of Danny, right? People are asking ashton to have a certain opinion which he might not share and then they are demonizing him because of it. Come one. Have some perspective.

  • Burnhermit420

    The people criticizing Ashton are the same people who played dumb for over 20 years when it came to Kobe Bryant.

    Kobe admitted to raping that lady. He paid a fine and a hefty payout to the victim. Maybe a few days in jail max. And he is now considered an American icon because he could throw a ball into a hoop.

    Now I’m not justifying what Danny Masterson did. There’s no excuse. That’s also not a reason to attack Ashton for writing a character reference for the courts. Y’all let Kobe slide for decades and he was a legit rapist.

  • samwelches

    Dude has devoted a shit ton of his life to help save thousands of children from child sex trafficking but he writes one letter for his friend and he’s cancelled??? Dog, that’s bullshit

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