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Hospital Greed Is Destroying Our Nurses. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion

Hospital Greed Is Destroying Our Nurses. Here’s Why. | NYT Opinion

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  • deadbiker

    Hospital corporations no longer care about their employees. We’re “Human resources”, not people, and only there to make the shareholders and corporate bigwigs money. I’m not a nurse, but it’s nurses that keep you safe when you’re a patient. They’re not your servants, but your lifeline. They shouldn’t be understaffed, and paid more, but that would take money away from the greedy corporate leeches who contribute nothing to the game.

  • Pushbrown

    dude…. america is gross in general. Healthcare is a joke here, I’ve worked in a hospital and I’m so glad to fuck I got out of there. I worked in an emergency room and have told people what I made there and they were disgusted. Luckily I am in a better job now but I have no qualms with anyone leaving a hospital setting job. America needs to do better, this is a fucking joke at this point. Corporations are out of control and america is a shit hole because of it. I advise ANYONE thinking of working in healthcare at the moment to reconsider. It isn’t worth it.

  • Jcfors

    Things are getting bad in Canada as well. Conservative provinces actively cut spending to healthcare and wages during the pandemic but the system has been purposefully gutted for the past couple of decades. Nurses are burning out like crazy and I don’t blame them, lower wages not keeping up with inflation, higher hours because of the labour shortage, and the added stress of dealing with a constant influx of critical covid patients.

  • Has_hog

    Many of you won’t bother to watch the video, so you look at comments. Since you like comments so much, check out r/nursing and you’ll see how distraught, upset and widespread the abuse by greed is that so many people in that profession feel every day.

  • vodkaSuperhero

    I’ve been in the healthcare field for decades, I find it comforting in a strange way. I grew up in an abusive household with a crackhead mother. It prepared me to deal with extreme psychological abuse and trauma that comes with being a provider of health services in America. You gotta be a straight-up gangster to be a healthcare worker.

  • ChemicalCalligraphy

    S’what happens when you have privatized healthcare. Profit takes precedent, we’ve known this for years. r/leopardsatemyface

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