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Hey Amazon.ca! Wonder what the sound of a 2TB hard drive hitting my front door is? Here you go…

Hey Amazon.ca! Wonder what the sound of a 2TB hard drive hitting my front door is? Here you go…

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  • diiejso

    That’s nothing compared to what happens in the sorting machinery. If it’s not packed well enough to handle that tumble it was packed negligently.

  • thirdstone_

    This is only a taste of what packages go through in sorting etc

    From my experience Amazon packs stuff completely inadequately. But it’s a calculated risk, only a fraction of products break. Packing them properly would probably cost more because it requires some human work, time and material. Warehouse automation just drops the shit in a bag/box.

    The downside is, a product may have damage you don’t see until much later. I bought a camera lens from Amazon and much later it broke in very regular use. Never banged or dropped. I’m quite certain it was thrown around before I ever got it but it held up for a while.

  • Jimboyeah

    Totally against these type of deliveries. Makes me angry every time I see it. Make sure you shovel and clear your walkways of snow and ice. Some companies brief their delivery drivers not to walk up stairs/pathways if they are not safe.

  • donkeyrocket

    If you want white glove delivery service then you’re going to need to pay a whole lot more money or sacrifice shit coming in two days.

    Merchandise *should* be packed to handle much worse than being slid across a porch.

  • Swartz142

    People in this thread are so delusional. [This is how sorting centers deal with your shit.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjdpz05u2DY)

    If you receive broken stuff, congrats, you’re part of the rather negligible amount of unsatisfied customers that’ll have to send back the broken item and hope for one that didn’t get repeatedly kicked on the way to the truck.

    You want your stuff asap like millions of others, that’s the price to pay.

  • toenoodle

    Yeah if you don’t keep your walkway shoveled I’m gonna toss the package as soon as I’m close enough to your door. Not worth a slip and fall on poverty wages. Seriously, shovel your porch.

  • username_choose_you

    I had a delivery guy so this with a printer cartridge. 25 feet from our gate to our door. Just heaved it and hope for the best

  • -A-A-Ron-

    Wtf is this comment section lmao. He literally tossed his parcel at the door, in what world do people think that is okay?

    I don’t know if this is an American/Canadian thing, but do delivery drivers really not bother to knock on your door? They just leave the parcels at your door step? Mental.

  • Bean_Juice_Brew

    This was mild, it slid across the porch before bumping to a stop. It wasn’t the most gentle handling, but that hard drive saw a lot worse at the sorting facility before it ever got on that truck.

  • kpatsart

    I don’t condone throwing packages. However I lack sympathy for someone who hasn’t cleared their driveway let alone the porch of snow complaining about getting something delivered. The lazy hypocrisy is just astounding.

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