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Hellraiser | Official Trailer | Hulu

Hellraiser | Official Trailer | Hulu

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  • mikeyfreshh

    Hopefully it’s just an issue with the trailer and not the movie itself, but this didn’t look horny enough. Hellraiser is supposed to be BDSM taken to the extreme and it looks like it’s leaning more on the torture than the sex.

  • Do_What_Thou_Wilt

    I’m a hellraiser fan — I’ve got some posters, and the entire run of collectibles.

    I’ll give this a fair chance — not like we’ve had any decent hellraiser installments since (checks notes): the 90’s.

  • ManajaTwa18

    Bruckner did a great job with The Night House so not totally surprised by how fantastic this looks, but I’m impressed by the footage nonetheless. Love how fleshy the cenobites look.

  • another_busted_robot

    It feels like in horror, and Hellraiser in particular, there’s a very fine line between genuinely disturbing and gory silliness that has to be walked with subtlety, and I can’t tell where this is going to fall…

  • brayshizzle

    Im intrigued. The director made The Ritual and The Night House which I both really enjoyed so I will look forward to giving it a chance.

  • SergeantChic

    This definitely looks like they put more care and effort into it than the last 8 or so sequels, at least. As someone with a framed original Hellraiser movie poster on my wall autographed by Doug Bradley, I look forward to seeing how this turns out.

  • ThatSithOverThere

    Off to an encouraging start of only because it Looks like the first installment since No. 4 that had a budget of more than 7 bucks and a dream.

  • ThisIsCreation

    This is one of my most anticipated releases of this year. I’m a massive fan of the Hellbound Heart Novella, and it has been so long since we’ve had a quality Hellraiser movie – more than 30+ years!

    The director, David Bruckner is a brilliant choice for something like this. If you guys haven’t seen his movies The Ritual & The Night House, I’d highly recommend them. He puts the characters first over the horror which is something alot of horrors forget to do and make the characters very flat. Bruckner is fantastic at writing people.

    The Cenobites look phenomenal in this trailer.

  • schwnz

    I really like her voice.
    I hope she vacillates between comforting and horrifying the way Bradley did.

    Has it ever been said that there are 6 configurations of the box before?

  • woot0

    Doug Bradly is a legend and will be missed, but I’m glad to see they went with a female pinhead with a breathy sexy voice similar to the novella

  • Somnambulist815

    Honestly looks better than I could’ve imagined. I love how it’s able to balance that tone of seduction and disgust that a Hellraiser movie should, and the new Pinhead is absolutely chilling.

  • shaoting

    Yooooo, anyone peep the redesigned Chatterer at 1:11???

    Also, one thing nobody seems to be mentioning is this iteration of the Lament Configuration has a unique configuration for each of its six sides:

    * Lament = Life
    * Lore = Knowledge
    * Lauderant(?) = Love
    * ??? = Sensation
    * Lazarus = Resurrection
    * Leviathan = ???

    At the start of the trailer, the puzzle box can be seen in what looks to be the Lazarus configuration. I’m curious if this alludes to someone else escaping the cenobites and resurrecting. It may explain why Goran’s character has the random guy solve the box for him.

  • HornyToad1984

    This reeks of care and attention, I particularly like the new Box, and it’s very weird but visually plausible manipulations. It looks like what it’s meant to be; a magical machine.

  • Lost-Paradise

    I really enjoy all the labyrinth type stuff in Hellbound, always wished they explored it more. Few scenes in the trailer looked very similar, this could be good!

  • Astound_Broadband

    Hope this isn’t all about teens getting tricked into opening the box. The deliberate seeking of the pleasures is so much more interesting

  • throwawayjoeyboots

    As with 99% of horror remakes this looks overly polished and sterile to me.

    The original was one of the more atmospheric and terrifying movies I’ve ever seen.

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