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Having The Chinese Room develop this is like having id Software make a walking simulator, or having Bioware make a looter shooter [oh wait…]. Honestly even more concerned for this project now than after the OG devs were fired…

Having The Chinese Room develop this is like having id Software make a walking simulator, or having Bioware make a looter shooter [oh wait…]. Honestly even more concerned for this project now than after the OG devs were fired…

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  • Metalcraze_Skyway

    This project has just been a disaster from day one. At this point I wish it would just stay dead.

    The first game is one of my fav RPGs of all time. We don’t need a subpar sequel sullying it.

  • Temporary-Employer58

    Gets even sillier if you check their webpage. They have job openings for most of their lead and senior stuff, and one of their founders has just left the crew. And yet Paradox already announced the release

  • PapaProto

    I’m so excited for more Bloodlines love and yet… I will hold my breath until release because I’m not sure I trust it even having a chance of being all that we’d hoped and dreamed since the first one with the turmoil it’s gone/going through.

    I’ll gladly be wrong.

  • jpk36

    I love Vampire: The Masquerade and was excited for this game but I really feel there’s no way this is going to be good. Too much trouble behind the scenes.

  • MatrixBunny

    Literally all of the WoD games, besides VTMB are a flop. Small indie companies with tiny budgets are able to take their spin on it. — (I sort of liked Swansong though.)

    Wish a bigger studio would just take a turn on the WoD universe.

  • NakedSnake42

    In the presentation video they said a lot of things but they never mentioned the term “rpg”, I’m kind of worried about what kind of game it’s going to be, I don’t think TCR has ever made an RPG before. Anyway I’ll play it when it comes out, the first one is one of the best RPG’s ever made.


  • VGAPixel

    Its worse than it looks. Chinese Room fired all their staff in 2017 and sold the company to Sumo Digital in 2018. The founder announced his departure at the reveal they are developing this game. The Chinese Room is just the name of the company but it seems that its all new staffing. There is no precedent for the quality of work they will produce.

    There is opportunity here for talent to shine, but its unlikely to happen.

  • Headless_Human

    I mean Hogwarts legacy was also made by a studio that did low profile games before and that turned out great. Not all developers start with amazing games.

  • one-eye-fox

    As I understand, The Chinese Room was gutted and is entirely different people now. Yeah okay I’m not hopeful, but it’s an unknown company right now, which is technically better than a company we KNOW is unsuitable.

  • Grey_As_Famine

    I’m skeptical. Fingers crossed it turns out well, but I have a distinct feeling it’ll wind up in development hell and get altogether cancelled. Or it’ll wind up like Gollum.

    Even worse, if it turns out bad, we can kiss the entire franchise goodbye because publishers are idiots who aren’t able to see beyond their quarterly earnings reports. At least for the following 10 or so years, until someone else takes a shot at it.

    Anyway, best of luck and all that, but I’m not keeping my hopes up.

  • notsurebauers

    I don’t know, Creative Assembly (known for the Total War series) made Alien: Isolation and it turned out to be pretty darn good (unless you were IGN).

    Not saying this will be any good, but I will hold my reservations until it is released. Sometimes a developer who is not known for a particular subgenre can create something fantastic.

  • Bor1ngBrick

    Did people even had any hope before? The first game was lightning in a bottle. There weren’t many games like that since. Why should we expect something even close to the same level of quality from literally all different people?

  • EamonX

    They could have re-hired Chris Avellone. The man was cleared of everything he was accused of in the settled lawsuit where the accusers signed a statement saying they were never sexually abused nor have they ever had any knowledge that he sexually abused anyone else.

    It’s very difficult to believe that this will turn out to be a success. Such a shame. The original Bloodlines was one of my all time fav RPGs…

  • OxyKush

    At this point I need Microsoft and Activision to Remaster the original on all platforms. The news surrounding this game have been a shitshow since the beginning 😂

  • thatHecklerOverThere

    Worst it can do is not come out. So long as it is, I’ll just let em cook. If it’s terrible, I’ll just ignore it.

  • Betadzen

    Can we toss it to Valve and let them make the greatest first/third person roleplaying game with VR, creative vampiric power usage and interesting characters? All that while using source 2?

    We will also never see the 3rd part, but my doods, there will be spinoffs!

  • Kritt33

    Played the first game when this was first announced, loved it. Last I heard from it was they where taking the class system away. The fact this game hasn’t came out and multiple other games from the same franchise is really disappointing.

  • Beginning_Ad_2992

    I wish Bethesda had the rights to this. The first game already basically plays like a Bethesda game and I think they could make a really cool game in this world.

  • starliteburnsbrite

    I would really love to know what happened with Paradox and Hardwuit behind the scenes, and also why Paradox, one of the larger indie publishers/dev houses, couldn’t get a decent team to work on this project. They probably sank cost into the first.iteration and had to cheap out on the replacement, but still. It’s the kind of game Arkane or Obsidian should be making, not the husk of a walking sim dev.

  • abstractism

    Yeah I’m not going to bother getting hyped over this. If this game sucks, it’s because paradox is incompetent garbage and simply couldn’t wait for mitsoda and his team to get the project done. Impatient failures are going to get exactly what they wanted: a shit game.

  • Portlander_in_Texas

    I keep seeing that they have to start from scratch, why is that? Shouldn’t the game be mostly done? It had a few tentative release dates.

  • examach

    Machine for Pigs was the only TCR game I’ve played and didn’t want to play anything else from them afterwards. (They fired everyone and re-staffed you say? Good, but I’m still skeptical) Frictional should have done it themselves but at least we got Soma while they were busy ruining Amnesia. (IMHO)

    All this to say; I have no confidence here for Bloodlines 2.

  • FuzzySlippersYT

    The trailer gave me more Redfall vibes then it did Bloodlines 2. I’m hoping it shakes up to be better and they focus on the RPG aspects in upcoming trailers, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  • 41Highland

    Tbf, playing the first one again. It honestly is a walking simulator, going to and from a/b without fast travelling. There was a point for me where i found myself getting bored

  • FengOnda63

    Yeah I’m not exactly excited for this with who’s developing it.

    They made A Machine for Pigs, which was dogshit, a horror walking simulator with no actual threat.

    Fingers crossed they learn and do this justice, but I doubt it. At least it’ll look pretty

  • progger11

    It’s an all-new team of people, so, there’s no reason to anticipate anything. Good or bad.

    Having said that… experience games are the way they are by design, not because the developers *can’t* make any other type of game. There’s a lot of elitism and superiority complex wrapped up in the negative rhetoric surrounding experience games, and it’s pretty disgusting, frankly. *Dear Esther* is one of my favorite games of all time. So is *Vampire: Bloodlines.* I can like multiple styles of games, and trust game developers to be just as versatile.

    I’m not saying this will for sure be good, but it’s a new group of people who have yet to show us what they can do. Let’s just chill out and wait and see.

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