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Having a tough time getting into both of the games I got over the holidays…

Having a tough time getting into both of the games I got over the holidays…

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  • Watsis_name

    Do you enjoy RPG’s in general?

    I mean we can say they’re great games all we like but they’re still subject to taste, like all art.

  • advoe

    My favorite genre of games is everything that is the Witcher 3 but for whatever reason I didn’t like it when I played it. The combat was kind of annoying to me I guess? I don’t know and I’ll maybe try it again one day but all I do know is it didn’t draw me in.

    Therefore I never played Cyberpunk.

  • ziggy9er

    I thought they were both a bit slow at first but the more I played them the more I got into em. I’d give it a few hours before giving up

  • ProdigalFox

    I’ve tried twice and failed to play through The Witcher 3. I think it’s because they inundate you with dialog options and cutscenes and before you know it, you’ve wasted hours and haven’t hardly done anything.

  • Fcivish4

    Loved Cyberpunk despite its reputation. Witcher 3 I keep getting halfway through the game before losing steam and interest playing. Mostly due to the fact that combat eventually gets super stale and boring. Cyberpunk has a half dozen valid builds that all feel different and fun in the late game.

  • eternallnewbie

    It took me a few tried to get into the witcher 3. but in the end if was worth it. On the other hand I still can’t get into BotW, not all mega popular games are for everyone.

  • aerfgadf

    When I first got the Witcher I played just up until i killed the griffin in the starting area and the game just didn’t grab me. I put it down for something else and didn’t go back to it for a few years. I kept hearing how good it was so I decided to give it another go. I started a new game from scratch and stuck with it and fell in love. I think that the controls bothered me and it took some time to adjust to the fight mechanics and the inventory system. I’d recommend giving it a real shot, at least in my experience it took time to really hook me in.

  • cmdrmeowmix

    Dude, I could write an entire essay on why I couldn’t get into the witcher.

    Part of the issue was my dumb ass determined to play with mouse and keyboard, however it was far from the biggest problem.

  • KnightCastle171

    Both these games unfortunately suffer from the same problem. They are initially hard to get into/have a slow start.

    It’ll take you at least 4-5 hours just to truly understand the game and get into the story. Trust me, i struggled getting into both games.

    But once i got hooked…man i have done MULTIPLE play throughs for both games.

    Pick one, and stick with it till the end.

  • squeegu3

    Witcher takes some time, and honestly for me I need to explore and do my own quests alot before the story line. Also I suggest buffing quen for a shield. I found that the extra hit it affords you is great for people coming from other games.

  • RegularRetro

    For me, these two games go in the same category as RDR2. The immersion plays a large factor in how much fun the game is, if you’re distracted by your phone or other people around you, it’s more difficult to find enjoyment because so much of the gameplay loop is based on sound/visuals and conversation. It’s like trying to watch Game of Thrones while people are talking. Turn off the lights and your phone, play for an hour and see if your experience changes.

  • GrimmRadiance

    The Witcher 3 until you leave Vizima for the first time is just the tutorial. Before that you have a dream of kaer morhen, then white orchard, and a small bit of time in Vizima. Couple that with how much time you can really spend exploring the white or hard area, and you’ll realize the game is just very large in scope.

  • therealheg

    I couldn’t get in to Cyberpunk, tried 5 times. The Witcher 3 it took awhile but I pushed through and by the time I got to the end of the Bloody Baron’s quest I was hooked.

  • Sonafab

    The Witcher III was the hardest game to get into but the hardest to get over when finished. I had dropped it like 5-6 times in 3 years before getting into it. Big mistake.

    My favourite game of all-time, one of the few I got really really sad when it ended, wishing to delete it from my memory to replay it. Even the DLCs alone are comparable to some of the best games out there. And trust me I’m playing games fanatically since 1996, so I’ve played loads of titles.

    Do yourself the biggest favour and stick with it. Dig deep into the lore and characters, enjoy every bit and every second of it!

  • ElRetardio

    In the witcher you really gotta get used to the jank a bit imo but once you get into it it pretty much plays itself in terms of pulling you in. One of the few games I’ve beaten more than two times

  • mikeysof

    I sure as hell wouldn’t split my time between them. Focus on one and give it your complete attention before going to the other.

  • Diggumdum

    I’m the same way but for the new God of War. I beat the first one about 6 months ago and it was enjoyable enough for me to complete. But I played Ragnarok for a solid 15-20 hours and just returned it because I had zero motivation to keep playing it. The gameplay was extremely boring to me. The combat was simple and repetitive the puzzles were more of a pain in the ass than anything intellectually stimulating and the story was okay but not really compelling enough to get me to slog through all the monotonous gameplay.

  • JeffFromSchool

    I had a hard time with the Witcher and stopped olaying right around the cursed fetus quest. I oicked it up again for some reason, and I’m so glad I did, because It is one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played

  • TKCerbs

    Witcher 3 was a slooow start. You are underpowered and the story is limited and underwhelming. I remember I couldn’t beat the guys at the pop-up event house fire and it annoyed me so bad because there was no re-doing it. I died lots in the first 5 hours. I actually left the game for a while…

    Then you start to get the combat down. And the signs become easier to use. Any you level up some skills and get some decent gear. Then the whole continent starts to open up and you get addicted to Gwent and then 140 hours go by and you decide it’s time to do the main quest.

    I wish I could go back and play it for the first time again.

    Also, use a controller.

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