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Half in the Bag: Barbarian

Half in the Bag: Barbarian

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  • toofarbyfar

    This is ridiculous. A lot of the film is set in Mr Plinkett’s basement, so there’s no way they can give an unbiased review.

  • AnyNamesLeftAnymore

    I want to talk about the part where Jay says ‘when people who don’t like horror talk about horror’ and highlight that as my ‘ironic statement of 2022’ award nominee.

  • Plz_Trust_Me_On_This

    They disagree with the complaint that “characters do dumb things.”

    The MC choosing to keep going deeper and deeper into the dungeon basement was pretty dumb. Yes, it makes sense thematically and metaphorically. But if your movie is going to tell a layered/metaphorical story, both halves need to make some sense.

    It’s my biggest complaint with Jordan Peele’s Us (another movie they mention in this video). Peele sacrifices the logic of the face-value story in favor of the metaphor. This is all matter of opinion, but that’s a no-no for me. A metaphor isn’t satisfying or well-told if the face-value story doesn’t remain strong enough to support it.

  • DisasterPeace7

    One of the most overrated movies of the year, extremely on the nose with its social commentary like most movies these days, the best character gets killed too early on, everything with Justin Long was unnaturally shoehorned not nearly as scary as I was told and not nearly as smart as it thinks it is, the main cop was really good though, 3/10 movie

  • GaMa-Binkie

    Just a quick question about the movie

    >!Why didn’t the neighbor ask about Frank’s jumpsuit saying Carlos? Or did he just not notice!<

    Edit: It’s probably just about the overall theme of everyone he interacts with being far too trusting.

  • arclight222

    I do think there’s a lot of commentary in the film on modern real estate, the AirBNB effect of greedy development firms on housing pricing, neighborhoods, and affordable modern housing in our country. Perhaps that’s just me though.

  • NathanCollier14

    I enjoyed it.

    Was it what I expected going in? No, not really. But it was a very enjoyable experience and was, for the most part, pretty original overall

  • TooLateForTacos

    The movie stumbled in the same places Nope did for me. Introduced a ton of mystery early on, had killer opening acts and fun characters, then COMPLETELY fell flat after the big reveal.

    Justin long turned the movie into a cartoon. He was such a huge asshole, his comeuppance didn’t matter.

    Would have rather the characters get trapped in a mineshaft or a larger labyrinth while getting chased more. You can have the same plot, but have then fall in a pit and have to escape. Maybe one of the characters gets abducted.

    The opening scene built so much up, I wouldn’t have questioned a rescue mission.

    Also the cops were dumb dumbs.

    I feel like people misinterpreted what I was trying to say. The last 2/3rds of this movie were objectively terrible.

  • Abeifer

    I loved this movie to be honest. It had enough satire and it kind of disguised itself midway to throw you off. Justin was great in this film.

  • frcisacult

    The movie started out brilliantly. Keeping the villain in the dark with only fleeting glimpses from the beam of flashlight was terrifying. By the time it ended, bringing that into full light for long periods of time really destroyed what made the creepiness work in the first place.

  • HoneyShaft

    I was expecting a lot more for the hype it got. Didn’t hate it, but also kind of tired of big, naked, ogre lady monster in films.

  • LindsayDuck

    I thought it was fantastic! The women I’ve talked to that have seen it picked up that it was about misogyny right away, but most of the men didn’t pick that up.

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