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Guilt Tippin’

Guilt Tippin’

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  • Smorgles_Brimmly

    As a general rule, I don’t tip if a service has not been provided yet. If I have to walk up to a counter, place an order, and then pay before I get my food then I’m not tipping. It’s not a tip at that point. It’s a bribe.

  • Spot-CSG

    Very very lonely island, but its well done and pretty funny. I currently work installing woodstoves/fireplaces and I’ve received like 5 tips over 2.5 years doing like 4 installs a week at multi-million dollar cottages. Its always been a normal income level person too. I always do really good by the customer too, doing extra shit like cleaning gutters cause I’m already up there, sweeping whole rooms instead of just my mess, hauling extra shit away to the dump on my way out. Still no tips. So I have zero guilt leaving no tip at counters or only 10% at a restaurants when my only interaction is ordering and paying. Dont give a fuck lol.

  • OffPiste18

    I’m over it. I tip waiters at sit-down restaurants, I tip delivery drivers, I tip barbers and maids and valets. But no more takeout tipping, no shame, I don’t feel guilty about it.

    I think Square ratcheting up the tipping will eventually backfire. It’s especially insulting when you have to hit “other” and type in 0. Absolutely shameless, and now it’s making me more resolute in not tipping.

  • Ok-Landscape6995

    I bought a $15 beer at the ballpark the other day. Of course the “tip” screen gets put in my face, as the dude turns around and grabs my beer can out of the fridge. I select zero since I refuse to get squeezed any further for this beer. When he turns around and sees I left 0, he says “you know, we accept cash tips as well”. I just said “good to know” and left, but I’m still bothered by the nerve of that guy. Like wtf did you do, that you think you deserve a damn tip. Hand me the can of beer I paid for? Get tf out of here.

  • hymen_destroyer

    I’ve started using cash again because of this shit. I’ll throw a couple dimes in a tip jar because I don’t like carrying change around but that’s about it unless we’re in a traditional dining situation

  • stealthispost

    They make you type in “custom” amount for $0?

    What happens if you refuse to press the extra buttons after paying? The payment doesn’t go through?

    Seems like you shouldn’t be required to go through the extra steps if you’ve already approved the payment.

  • BasiKs

    Am I the only one who just has no problem selecting “no tip?” Like it doesn’t make me feel awkward or like an asshole. I don’t mind being asked because I don’t mind saying no. I’ve also never really had an awkward encounter because of it.

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