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Greta getting arrested in Malmo.

Greta getting arrested in Malmo.

Greta getting arrested in Malmo.

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  • Crash_Test_Dummy66

    Many of you all are a bunch of miserable fucks who would rather bitch about someone trying to do something good from behind your keyboard then actually do something worthwhile with your lives.

  • hanjaerim

    Besides this obviously looking staged, I find it odd how any mention of her immediately sends people into a fit of rage. You would have thought that she poisoned their water supply, burnt their crops, and delivered a plague onto their houses with how inflammatory people are towards her.

  • External-Egg-8094

    All the people complaining about it’s staged are just exhausting. High profile protestor protesting a big event and there’s cameras, no shit. Jesus you people.

  • SubstantialChipmunk

    At least she is standing up for what she believes in, instead of sitting there thinking “what’s the use” or “someone else will do it”

  • RedPanda0003

    For those saying it’s staged, her getting arrested is not fake, but she intended to get arrested to raise awareness for climate change. Actual arrest, but she knew it was coming, so that’s why there’s cameras.

  • Minnesota-Mike

    The point of this picture is to imply that it’s all a narrative, that it’s Hollywood. But most people would not willingly get arrested for any cause. When the chips are down, most people don’t want that hassle. Greta repeatedly, consistently, fights for her cause. If you side with the companies whose goal is to diminish that… you played yourself.

  • Imminent_Extinction

    > “*I am not an expert. I am an activist. The only people claiming that I’m an “expert” are those who are trying to ridicule me. My message has always been to unite behind the science and listen to the experts.*”

    > – Greta Thunberg

  • ForestZombie

    People getting mad at protestors instead of the catastrophic problems they are protesting are the smoothest of the smooth brain dregs

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