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Getting closer to desired underwater feeling

Getting closer to desired underwater feeling

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  • Bagelstein

    The lighting is too bright. Underwater is dark, add some more artificial lighting and tone down the sunshine imo.

  • passinghere

    Ex full time scuba diving instructor and unless this is under really thick ice (clearest water going) it’s far, far too clear and the visibility is too good especially over distance

  • Rizenstrom

    Going to go against the others and say realistic lighting in this kind of game would not be enjoyable. You wouldn’t be able to see anything.

    Could maybe be a little darker but at that point it’s just nitpicking.

    Maybe you could have a limited range of brightness in your build area and further out would be darker but otherwise I don’t really see a huge problem.

  • jfountainArt

    This game looks like a dream I had as a kid. Amazing!

    You are getting really really close to the underwater feel!

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