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Gen V – Season 1 | First Look | Prime Video

Gen V – Season 1 | First Look | Prime Video

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  • F00dbAby

    I’ve always been in the camp that was down for this show. Which seemed to a be a minority view at the time although I feel the tides have turned

    This looks good so far. I will be curious if it’s able to carve out its own identity and be its own thing without relying to much on the boys

    Obviously they are connected so I expect connectivity but I hope they take advantage of this huge world to say something new than retread things

  • StatpadderYT

    Looks like The Boys alright. I guess we will see how much that show is carried by its performances.

    Im fuckin excited to see how this goes

  • Orcus424

    The Boys was a super hero show with some gore while this looks like a lot more gore with a little but of super hero stuff. This trailer has more blood and guts than most trailers for gore films.

  • randomnate

    The boys really succeeds off the performances more than the setting imo—homelander and butcher are a blast to watch because of the actors. So this will really come down to whether they have a cast or similar quality

  • TheBlackSwarm

    Looks good. I assume we’ll get this in March or April and then The Boys Season 4 right after. Amazon probably wants these shows to be as connected as possible.

  • M3rc_Nate

    I’m just worried this is going to be yet another college drama but slap a coat of “superpowered people” on it. The greater plot of ‘The Boys’ about V, corporations, what happened to Butchers wife, politics and so on isn’t presumably gonna be in this show but the life of college kids who are dbags, horned up on testosterone and superpowered is a weak foundation if that’s all there is. There really needs to be a main story/thread that captures me. Not just watching a bunch of college kids navigate life as superpowered 22 year olds in training to be superheroes or something. I need a conspiracy or a revenge plot or SOMETHING with meat on it to be hooked by.

  • gffgfgfgfgfgfg

    This is the kind show that I toss in the bin if the pilot’s writing +2 episodes doesn’t hold up. Good luck establishing yet another cinematic universe.

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