Monday, November 20All That Matters

Free For All. Winner gets bragging rights. Who’s walking away from this match?

Brotherhood of Nod(TopLeft), Locust Horde (TopRight), Nazi’s from Wolfesntein(BottomLeftt) and Helghast (BottomRight)

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  • Nico-Shaw

    This feel surprisingly close but having said that “Define favourable outcome CABAL.” “They all die.” “That’ll do.”

  • Symbiotic-Dissonance

    I would say Nod, just because of the wide variety of technology and men available, not to mention the dangers of tiberium. Wolfenstein nazi’s would be a close second, but they wouldn’t be able to reliably deal with tiberium infused warfare. Locust would die in droves to tiberium in general, and I really doubt they would be any more of a threat then tiberium mutants are to Nod. Helghast have a similar situation to wolfenstein nazi’s, where their primary crux would be not being able to deal with tiberium weapons.

  • ArtofWASD

    You fucking kidding me? IN THE NAME OF KANE! PEACE THROUGH POWER! None of these factions would stand a chance against a properly established NOD base. In fact, even if we used Tib Sun and not kanes wrath units, I’m pretty sure the cyborg commander alone could hold off solo against most of these. Eventually, he would be overpowered by numbers. But you get the point.

  • mctrollythefirst


    First army around 800.000 troops.

    Third army around 300.000 troops.

    And let’s not forget cloaking tech. Space ships and can travel between stars.

  • BadNadeYeeter

    Noone would win… We all loose because they realize how much in common they have. They’d sign a pact to kill everyone else and then each other…

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