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For a being a great sketch comedy show, Key and Peele has some absolutely amazing cinematography

For a being a great sketch comedy show, Key and Peele has some absolutely amazing cinematography

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  • peanutmanak47

    It’s such a funny show but I’m always amazed at the cinematography that the show has. It’s got some really high quality shots with all sorts of different methods and I think it goes to show when you see how Peele has been making his movies.

  • BillHicksScream

    i caught up to it, but I had this feeling Peele was a rare talent among rare talent and *Director* was on that list.

  • MikeBisonYT

    I can’t recall if it was the director or DP that said lets just try shoot these skits like little films. They both loved the idea.

  • ope__sorry

    My personal opinion here, and I might get flamed for it because things like Monte Python exist, but I think K&P is the greatest comedy sketch show of all time. There is not any single thing either that makes it so great, it’s a sum of the parts. Some of the sketches are ridiculously down to earth and relatable while still being hilarious (I said bitch being a great example) while also having amazing quality as seen in this video above.

    Their brand was to basically take a situation you might see in a movie or real life and take it up one notch of ridiculous and then string you along for a couple of minutes and sometimes ending on taking you up 10 notches of ridiculous.

    [Also, dropping one of the greatest tracks from Mass Effect 3 OST into one of their sketches gets a huge thumbs up from me.](

  • lizlemonworld

    I read an article the other day that said they had movie quality set design going on. It was a quality show all around.

  • Malf1532

    I know Dave Chappelle is bitter about the success of this show but I think it’s because they took his game and went pro with it.

  • jackofslayers

    Key and Peele was great on many levels, but I don’t think it was great sketch comedy. It was still great comedy and funny as shit. But compared to other sketch shows, the writing of the sketches is less important than the joke, acting style, and the commitment to the setup.

    End pedantic rant.

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