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Five Days at Memorial — Official Teaser | Apple TV+

Five Days at Memorial — Official Teaser | Apple TV+

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  • Away_Ad8907

    I was disappointed when the Katrina season of American Crime Story fell through. I didn’t realise Apple had acquired the rights to *Five Days at Memorial* since then. Now having seen the trailer, my first gut reaction is that I think it’s better it’s panned out this way. While each season so far has certainly been nuanced, empathetic and of high (albeit varying) quality, the ACS style does sometimes feel on the verge of somewhat cheapening its subjects or leaning toward the more sensationalist instincts common to Murphy productions, whereas this looks like it will be appropriately devastating and harrowing.

    Apple’s on a roll and this looks to continue that trend. I’m looking forward to watching though already deeply dreading it at the same time, in a Chernobyl sort of way.

  • Anneisabitch

    I have read the book this is based on.

    If you are AT ALL sensitive to animal abuse/pain, I do not recommend reading the book and I’d go slow on the show just in case they show what really happened in detail.

    There are obviously human tragedies as well but reading the blurb on the back of the book prepared me for those.

    But the animal stuff was heart breaking too and I wasn’t prepared for that extra hit. I really want to reread the book before watching the show but I just…can’t.

  • raimibonn

    I just came back from my routine book splurging yesterday. *Five Days at Memorial* has long been in my wishlist and I keep telling myself, “maybe not today.” Now, I have to go back and buy it.

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