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First trailer for Takeshi Kitano’s “Kubi”

First trailer for Takeshi Kitano’s “Kubi”

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  • Decado7

    Holy fuck this looks great – and it’s covering the Honno-Ji incident? absolutely badass. Seeing the Aketchi forces go against Hideoyoshi’s there, man, bring this the hell on. Love that depiction of Azuchi too.

    Between this and the Legend and the Butterfly, there’s a lot of Nobunaga movies out lately suddenly. Just came off the back of the 2020 Taiga drama covering this same incident (which was so good btw – called AWaiting Kirin)

  • TechnicalD-A-W-G

    Hell yes, my guy is still going hard.

    Quietly has an all timer of a catalog as a director, loved his “Outrage” cycle even if it wasn’t as refined as his other stuff (Which, if I recall correctly, was essentially the point).

    For anyone who doesn’t know, this guy is renown but most known for having made some of the most interest, thoughtful and unique crime films of all time. He also took a break from all that for the early 2000s to work on some really compelling drama and an interesting take on The Blind Swordsman.

    The funny part is that in Japan he was (Maybe still is?) actually first known as a something of a lowbrow comedian. If anyone remembers that old SPIKE show “MXC”, he’s one of the two hosts/commentators! Obviously he’s dubbed over for MXC but the original show “Takeshi’s Challenge” was his big break. For a long time he actually sorta struggled with being taken seriously in his homeland, meanwhile as his films were exported without that context he was regarded as this super esoteric and meditative master of crime stories.

    The closest comparison I can think of here is maybe Bobcat Goldwaith but that’s still a bit of a stretch (Though I enjoy his films quite a bit). Maybe try to imagine if Bobcat had directed variations on like…*Thief* or something

  • prettylieswillperish

    Japan is so cool, and if this is Takeshi kitanos last movie he’s making, it’s looking like an incredible one to now out on

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